Reinvented Planning & Scheduling

Completely Bespoke

You’ve probably seen “Dynamic Scheduling” and “Resource Planning” tools before. Our AI powered Assistive Optimiser is different. Firstly, our Assistive Optimiser is entirely bespoke. Built on our Rubix technology, our planner is 100% customisable – which means the plans it generates completely match your requirements. No ticking check boxes or trying to change the way you carry out work to fit the scheduler. We make sure the plan changes to fit you – not the other way around.

Truly Assistive

Assistive Planning has been used in military planning for decades. Commanders on the battle field use technology to provide 90% of a battle plan: the remainder is manually tweaked by a human element. We use this same principle, coupled with Artificial Intelligence to schedule your work using your business rules, route optimisation, shift patterns and so on. We’ll present a plan, allow your planning team to tweak it, and then re-optimise it to make sure it saves time and money.

AI Planning Software that really saves money

We know that the primary objective of a Planning and Scheduling tool is to save money. We’re so confident in the abilities of our software that our team will perform a benchmarking activity; we’ll take an existing plan and run it through our Optimiser. The cost difference can show you where you can gain efficiencies. Our cutting edge software is designed to create plans that are more efficient and optimal – whilst keeping your planning team in control at all times.

Route Optimisation

Use AI and real road networks to route mobile teams efficiently – saving time and money.


Scenario Planning

Run ‘what if scenarios’ to answer questions like ‘what if we insourced’? or ‘what if we recruited here?’.


Business Rules

The Rubix platform allows 100% bespoke rules that match how your organisation works.

Learning Enabled

Learn from how past plans were carried out, to formulate even better plans in the future.

A Planning mode for every organisation

Our planner is designed to support every level of scheduling and planning. From static, long horizon scheduling to highly reactive unplanned works optimisation – our platform can be tailored to match any requirement.



Pre-planned mode allows your operations staff to generate plans that cover days, weeks, months or even years.  Our planning software works hand in hand with your scheduling team to use the very latest AI technologies to drive efficiencies, whilst providing the team with the ability (and time) to plan, assess and execute.


Our Assistive Optimiser can work a fine balance between pre-planned and realtime.  Just-In-Time mode gives the planner the ability to automatically re-plan the current schedule based on changing events in the field. The difference is that it can preserve the next hour’s schedule to avoid disruption. Predictable and efficient.


The most challenging to implement – but potentially most efficient mode is realtime planning. Here, our AI technology uses all the mobile data we have from your teams to understand the changing mobile landscape and in realtime re-route, re-schedule and re-optimise the plan.


Plan Compliance

We give you the tools to understand what part of the plan was followed – and where it was missed.

It’s important to know

We think that one of the biggest problems with automated scheduling and planning software is ‘plan compliance’. Lots of organisations never implement planning software because they don’t know what happens if the plan isn’t followed or something goes wrong.  Staff lose faith, managers lose trust and the nearest thing that is reached for is the Off Switch.

Our Plan Compliance Toolset

So we developed a set of tools to help managers understand if (and where) a plan fell down. Were certain parts unachievable? Were certain teams less strict about following the plan? We give your business the power to follow-up on a plan using intuitive graphic tools to instantly spot problems (or non compliance) in the field, as it happens.

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