What is Blended Mobile?

From the very beginning, we’ve focussed our Mobile Workforce Management software on unification. A key part to this is making sure your Field Service Software can understand and intelligently blend lots of different sources of mobile information. We call this Blended Mobile – and it’s at the heart of our AI software.

Do more with one system

We intelligently blend sources from the field including Mobile Apps, Vehicle tracking, job data and safety signals to produce a complete view of Mobile Operations. We then employ our AI technology on all these sources of mobile data.  We’re the only provider than can empower organisations with things like accurate job costings: we can combine travel time from vehicle tracking, with job inventory and team timesheets to provide a single cost of a job. The possibilities for blended mobile are endless.


Mobile Apps help locate teams, manage jobs and look after worker safety.


Take data from vehicle trackers, plug in trackers and mobile plant equipment.


Use Asset data intelligently to automatically manage pre-planned maintenance.

Get the complete picture of Mobile Operations

Blended Mobile takes your mobile data and combines it using AI, to provide you with insights and information that you might never have thought of. It works hand in hand with our Rule Engine to give you instant alerts to events as they happen in the field.  This allows your operation to run more smoothly, more efficiently and ultimately reduce the cost of running mobile teams.

Mobile Field Apps

Discover how Mobile Field Apps work with AI Blended Mobile technology.

Rule Engine

Blended Mobile works hand in hand with our AI Rule Engine system.

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