Can AI work in the field?

Absolutely – and it’s one of the core principles of our Workforce Management solution.  Businesses today are getting better at systemising much of the back office processes, but mobile teams are often left high and dry.  Giving workers the tools they need, whilst in the field, to carry out jobs in an intelligent, automated way is crucial to becoming as efficient and productive as possible. That’s where Mobile AI comes in.

Mobile AI

Out in the field, workers face a number of complex decisions.  Our AI Technology helps to simplify and, in some cases, automate this mobile decision making process.  Deploy an arsenal of tools to mobile teams to help encapsulate the processes and logic needed to complete jobs in the field. Smart Workflows guide workers through jobs on their handheld and help automate the mundane tasks teams carry out.

Real World Examples of Job Intelligence

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Calculate amount of resin to repair windscreen

A company that repairs windscreen is able to use our technology to collect data on a customer’s vehicle (whilst in the field). Using Smart Workflows, the handheld is able to calculate the correct quantity and grade of resin to use. This technology works even if the worker doesn’t have a mobile signal.

Risk Assessment failure prevents work continuing

One of our customers have lone workers that carry out inspections of vacant properties.  Workers fill in a Risk Assessment on their handheld using our Smart Workflows. Conditional Logic then inspects what values have been entered to determine whether or not it is safe to proceed with the inspection.

Taking a brand new order on the fly

A customer uses our software to deliver aggregate and cement to their clients.  They wanted a way for workers to be able to upsell and take new orders directly from the field.  Our Subworkflow and Smart Tables allowed them to capture as much data as needed, provide an instant quote – instantly transmitted back to base to the sales team.

Prove to customer team was on site

A client needed provides security visits to their customers. They wanted a way to prove that their teams were visiting these sites.  Our intelligent workflows were able to scan an NFC tag (deployed at each site) as part of the job, bringing in the tag identifier into the job worksheet itself – independent proof of presence.

Achieving Job Intelligence

Intelligent working in the field makes for more efficient workers, more productive work – and ultimately cost savings to the business. We’ve brought together the latest advances in smart working into our AI Mobile Working handheld technology. Your teams will feel better equipped knowing they’ve got cutting edge software on their side.

Automated Time & Attendance

Manage timesheets for entire teams from one handheld using team-enabled Time & Attendance.

Smart Workflows

Show and hide different parts of jobs to workers based on what’s entered, type of job and more.

Decision Making

Automate decision making: using simple to use drag and drop tools to model the flow through a job.


Automatically validate data entry, guide workers and perform calculations whilst in the field.


Allow teams to combine smart workflows with tables to add additional information/orders to jobs.


External Sensors

Use external sensors – like NFC tags – to perform proof of presence and other smart tasks.

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