Unified Mobile Platform

We’ve unified mobile workforce management software into one platform to manage mobile resources, assets and plan and execute work.

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A total Mobile Working solution

We know that businesses strive for simplicity and efficiency.  Juggling a plethora of disparate, non-connected systems is painful. That’s why we have spent the last 10 years perfecting, and championing, unified mobile working. A single platform to manage your mobile teams – the same place for all your operation and management team members.

We’ve combined everything you need to manage and organise a mobile workforce, into one back office platform – with the complimentary mobile apps and devices needed out in the field.

How does Mobile Unification help you?

We’ve unified previously separate functions of mobile working systems into one fantastic, easy to use software system.

Artificial Intelligence

We’ll start with our boldest statement: we’re the only company to have unified Mobile Workforce Management software and combined it with AI.  This allows you to take it to the next level with regards to maximising efficiency and productivity. Our software can help plan work more optimally; it can alert you to exceptions and spot patterns in realtime and it can do all of this by taking data from your mobile workers, their vehicles and your assets in the field.

A Complete View

As humans, we find it difficult to spot patterns and combine information from lots of sources.  Software has made our lives easier and richer – why should your mobile operations software be different? We’ve built Unified Mobile around those simple tasks that were made hard. Like wanting to see where your jobs are today in the context of your vehicle fleet. Or calculating a job cost from timesheets and tracking data. Or keeping a Lone Worker safe by monitoring the status of their outstanding work.

Save Money – and Do More

Ultimately, we built Unified Mobile to allow your organisation to do more and save money. You’ll save money by only needing to purchase one system – not half a dozen. You’ll save money by eliminating the need to built complex integrations between many systems. You’ll save money by allowing staff to be more productive with our smart working mobile field apps. And you’ll save money through automating parts of your operation using our cutting edge AI technology.

Explore our world further

We’ve broken down our Mobile Workforce Management suite into simple to understand sections. Have a look and if you have any questions, don’t forget we’re just a click away.

1. Designing Jobs

Our Smart Workflows allow you to easily design the steps needed to carry out work in the field, as well as giving a rich toolkit of data capture. Find out just how easy it is to achieve completely paper free working.

3. Mobile Field Apps

We’ve built the best apps for your mobile workers, natively, using the latest platforms and device sizes. We’ve supercharged our apps with market leading Lone Worker, Proof of Presence & Timesheeting solutions.

5. Asset Management

If you’re a business that performs work in the field – you likely have assets that are out there too. Whether that’s stock and parts used by teams or assets you maintain: we’ve got the right management tools.

2. Plan & Dispatch

Learn how our Assistive Planning technology – Rubix – helps your planning team schedule work, dispatch those jobs to field teams and use our compliance tools to assess how successful plans were.

4. Realtime Visibility

Location tracking, vehicle telematics, real-time rules and alerting – we offer all these alongside the very best in live, work order management technology. Discover how we can help here.

6. Performance Analysis

Bringing mobile information together means some fantastic opportunities to generate truly meaningful insight.  Our fresh approach to business reporting makes sense of all that operational and mobile data.

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