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Insiris’ Planning software is revolutionising the operations landscape. We intelligently solve any type of business planning problem.
All from one bespoke AI-Powered platform.

A complete Planning Solution for businesses

We’ve thought of everything an organisation needs to generate incredible value from our planning solution


Solving Business Planning Problems requires more than just software.  We’ve taken a holistic approach to the planning solution we offer.  Not only have we developed the world’s most advanced planning and optimisation software, we offer the world’s brightest minds in the form of our Rubix team.

The Rubix Team, led by technical director Dr Duncan McCaffery consists of a team of PhDs with a wide mix of skills and experience in the world of AI, assistive planning and automation.

Platform Technology

Our AI-Powered Planning and Optimisation Software is designed to solve any type of business planning problem.  The culmination of years of research, development and work with academia our optimisation technology is designed to provide incredible value to organisations big and small.  We’ve pioneered a platform approach to our solution, meaning any type of problem can be modelled and solved – no matter how different, no matter how unique.

We're solving problems in every industry

Our Planning solutions are designed to be used across a wide range of sectors and industries.

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