The Rubix Team

Meet the team at the cutting edge of AI Planning Software.

We’ve built Rubix to help organisations make better planning decisions – we believe in providing value in everything we do.  We believe that true value is achieved through software and expertise which is why we offer on-going support from the team that built Rubix.

The Rubix Team, consists of a team of PhDs with a wide mix of skills and experience in the world of AI, assistive planning and business modelling..

Dr. Duncan McCaffery

Technical Director

Dr. Duncan McCaffery B.Sc Ph. D is a co-founder of Insiris and heads up the Rubix Team.  He brings over 21 years of experience in optimisation, systems software and programming.  He co-founded Insiris after spending over a decade in academia at the world-class Lancaster University, England.  He provides expert leadership, advice and guidance to the Rubix team and is involved with every optimisation project the company undertakes.

Research & Development

The Research & Development of Rubix and our Optimisation software is critical to our continuing belief and success in delivering value to our clients.  The Rubix Platform development is overseen by Matthew Summers B. Sc – bringing a crucial mix of business knowledge and computing expertise to ensure our offering remains relevant to businesses.


The Rubix50 is a limited subset of our AI Planning clients that the business works closely with in a partnership approach.  The Rubix50 is an exclusive group of like minded operational and business professionals that use the Rubix Team and our software to solve enterprise level, large scale problems.  The team is headed up by our Commercial Director, Robert Goss.

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