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Businesses require more than just the raw materials needed for planning.  Software is key – but so is an understanding of the wider challenges of solving planning problems.  Real industry knowledge coupled with decades of experience in operational and business modelling is critical to creating credible plans and solutions.

A solution for many sectors

We’ve worked with businesses across many industry sectors to understand their unique planning problems.  We use our skills and experience to understand and analyse organisations’ problems.  Only then can a problem be fully modelled and mapped out into our software platform, along with associated business rules.  Our technology gets to work using the latest in AI to provide credible solutions that are assessed and adjusted by human planning teams.


Optimise mobile teams through routing and work order planning

Optimise your workforce by allocating the right resource to tasks based on skillset, availability and businesses objectives.  Take into account other planning variables such as vehicle routing, service level agreements and customer service to achieve maximum service success.


Operational Co-ordination and Dependency driven planning

Understand the full gamut of options facing your organisation – perform ‘what-if’ scenario planning, analyse supply chain options, procurement and delivery.  Optimise all areas of the organisation from cradle to grave to ensure maximum responsiveness and productivity.


Master Production Scheduling and Order fulfillment planning

Understand how to fully optimise your production resources and processes to reduce costs and increase responsiveness to customers.  Gain the competitive edge by understanding ways in which to maximise inventory, reduce waste and achieve high levels of efficiency.


Transport, vehicle & large scale optimisation of resource movement

Maximise operational efficiency by understanding how to fully optimise the movement of your assets – goods and transportation vehicles – within the context of your distribution network.  Reduce transport costs whilst increasing resource utilisation – and delivering to your customers.

Public Transport

Planning of timetables, disruption minimisation and routes

Plan for both the long term strategic goals of public transport policy, whilst optimising and coping with short term variations in the transport landscape.  Understand how plans can minimise disruption – maximising traffic flows and customer capacity, whilst reducing costs.


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The Rubix team are here to help with different, unique or out-of-the box planning problems – whatever your size, whatever your sector.

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