Why AI?

Our Value Promise to our customers.

We believe that the future of software lies in harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence.  Forward thinking businesses strive for the next advances in technology and we believe that the true measure of a successful product is in the value it gives.

That’s why we’ve built our software around a central belief at the core of our philosophy – that whatever we do provides true, and incredible value to the business. We’ve collected all these values into our 3 part value promise – only made possible through our AI-Powered technology.

1. Control Costs

The primary driver behind our software is to save an organisation money.  It sounds simple, and most businesses proclaim it – but we mean it.  That’s why we’ve pioneered innovative pricing like our “Share the Savings” model: don’t make any savings? Then we don’t get paid.  We stand by our promise that our solutions will absolutely save an organisation time, and money.

Reduce Vehicle & Fuel Costs

Manage Mobile Costs

Minimise Admin

Lower Overtime

2. Advance Customer Service

We want to work with organisations that think like we think – that want to provide better for their customers.  Our Mobile Working and Planning software targets those businesses that provide products and services to their customers.  We know that technology can make not just our customer’s experience better, but our customer’s customer’s experience better too.

Better Service

Improving Reputation

Increased Communication

Reduce Lost Business

3. Drive Growth

Growth is key to every business.  We believe that businesses that partner with us and take advantage of our expertise in AI Mobile and Planning software can do more with less. As James Cash Penney, Founder of JCPenney said, “Growth is never by mere chance; it is the result of forces working together”. We look forward to working together.

Gain Competitive Edge

Manage Equipment Costs

Minimise Lost Revenue

Control Outsourcing

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