Insiris Launches Rubix: Next Generation Automated Planning
INSIRIS | 10 AUG 2015

We’ve been building something at Insiris that we think is going to revolutionise the way businesses plan and schedule work. We’d like to introduce you to Rubix – Artificially Intelligent Automated Planning.

What is it?

Rubix is first of its kind. It represents the culmination of years of Research and Development here at Insiris, and is a piece of software at the forefront of operational and organisational planning. Put simply – Rubix is a revolutionary system that intelligently solves business planning problems.

I’ve seen this before – Dynamic Scheduling, right?

Wrong. Whilst Rubix is well catered to provide Dynamic Scheduling, it can do so much more. When we sat down to design Rubix, our Technical Director – Dr. Duncan McCaffery – had a very clear vision. He knew that a number of products out there on the market solved just one type of planning problem; such as vehicle routing, or job scheduling, or production line planning. What he realised is that all of these types of problems can be solved in similar ways. At Insiris we had a moment of clarity – we could build something that could solve any type of planning problem. We went away, and we did just that.

The end result is Rubix – software that can solve planning problems such as:

  • Job Routing and Planning
  • Production Line Control Ordering
  • Field Based Asset Planning
  • Territory Planning
  • Disaster Planning
  • Relationship & Dependency Planning
  • … and <insert your planning problem here>

How can one piece of software do all of this?

Simply put – Rubix is different. Rubix is software designed to solve any type of business planning problem. Some planning software is designed to solve one specific problem – rostering, or job scheduling for example.
We like to use the analogy of Lego™. Other tools provide businesses with a Lego™ car, or a Lego™ ship.
Rubix is Lego™. Designed to solve any type of planning problem, with Rubix you can build a Lego™ car that flies, or a Lego™ ship with wheels.
If you have a planning problem that has a large ‘solution space’ – that is thousands, tens of thousands, millions or billions of possible solutions to the problem, then Rubix can work for you. Rubix is a platform – meaning we can model your problem into something our Planner understands and can start finding the best solution for.

How good is it?

We pretty much guarantee that if you’re doing something manually today, Rubix will do it better. Humans just aren’t well equipped to solve planning problems manually. For example – we have a working memory of some 5 items – Rubix’s memory is millions of times bigger. This means it can evaluate tens of millions of possible plans, assess each one, and pick the best. We’ve seen operational improvements in planning of 10x in some instances when applying Rubix.

But my problem is unique!

Probably not. We’ve found that most companies have similar types of problems that are slightly different round the edges. But the fundamentals of the planning problem are the same. Rubix is a planning platform that provides an out of the box solution to solving many different types of problems – whilst offering you the ability to customise it to get the best results.

I’d like some more info

That’s great! We’d like to give you some. Hit the button below to download our Rubix Presentation and when you’re ready, we’d love to show you a demo of how Rubix works.