The Unity Enterprise App – A Whole Lot of Bang For Your Buck.
ROB GOSS | 13 APR 2015

As we begin very busy Q2 we reflect on some of the conversations we’ve been having with CIOs, Systems Architects and IT Directors so far this year.

Usually during our initial conversations with the aforementioned IT folk we begin by offering a free trial of our enterprise App, Unity. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Unity, it is a mobile app and cloud-based platform which combines lone workerprotection, job dispatch, dynamic scheduling, vehicle tracking, inventory and billing management and allows companies to create bespoke reports on their mobile operations all from a single platform.

During these initial conversations we often encounter some hesitation when we begin listing the list of functions that Unity offers. This is usually because the company in question will already have some of the elements of Unity within their organisation – although they are often totally unconnected to each other and the client usually gets very little value from them.

For example, there are companies that we’ve spoken to who’ve bought vehicle tracking and say to us…

Yes, we’ve got vehicle tracking thanks.’

And we say (very politely, of course)

‘ Sure, but does your vehicle tracking actually help make your business become more efficient? Does it link to a dynamic scheduling tool to help planning departments make faster decisions? Can you create bespoke reports on the performance of your fleet and drivers, which are then automatically sent to contract managers to form part of their own KPIs for their teams?  

The same can be said for lone worker safety, especially lone worker systems that are not App-based and rely on the lone worker carrying a separate device. Often we hear that lone worker safety is ‘covered’, but again, we ask how this is managed within the context of the overall operations of the organisation? Does the device (and its associated platform) do anything more than provide an alert in the event of ‘man down.’ Can check in /check out time sheets be managed from this system, for example? Does it form part of an overall, integrated, solution?

The number of companies we’ve spoken to who tell us that there employees do not use their lone worker safety device – or simply do not take it to work with them – is surprising.  If an organisation is spending thousands of pounds on new handheld devices (and many are at the moment), why would they need yet another device to manage lone worker safety? Using Unity, workers have everything that they need in one place and are required to login and regularly update the status of their safety as part of their daily activities.

Many of our clients are putting the Unity App on their handheld devices and only using elements of the system to begin with. For example, a large utility company is currently using Unity for its lone worker protections system, with a view that they can add job dispatch, tracking, tagging etc at a later date.

Please contact us today for a free Unity trial kit with free training and support.