We believe in building intelligent technology that demonstrates incredible value.

Nine years ago we started Insiris with the belief that AI-Powered technology could change the landscape of business planning and working software.

Since that time we have transformed the way organisations do business.  At the heart of our ethos is the central goal to provide real, demonstrable value to our customers.  We believe that technology can make organisations more effective, more productive, and more profitable when working hand-in-hand with a company’s most valuable asset: its staff.

This is why our AI-Powered Mobile Working and Planning software has been designed with planners, managers, field workers and your teams first.  We believe that once staff champion technology and software that makes their lives easier, their jobs richer and the business more productive, that the sky is the limit.

We believe in working with businesses that think like we think.

We are committed to working with organisations, businesses and groups of people, that think like we do, and believe as we do.  We strive to achieve the best and our products and services are built for companies that are committed to the very best.


We resolutely believe in what we do: providing a solution to a customer is a promise to improve their organisation


Consideration for staff, the solution and our service is key: we don’t work for our customers – we work with them


We care about everything we do: a passionate desire to strive for the best guides us in all that we, and our customers, achieve



We don’t want to be just another ‘supplier’, we believe in earning the status of trusted partner for our customers

5 Milestones in Insiris’ History


Founded in 2008 by Dr. Duncan McCaffery and Matthew Summers, with the aim of delivering an AI-Powered SaaS business model for service companies that employ mobile workforces.


2009 and on its first Anniversary, Insiris launches the world’s first unified Mobile Workforce Management platform, combining the latest in AI technology with service management software.


2011 and Insiris expands into international markets with the establishment of its Partner network.  Internationalisation of its products supports deployment in France, Germany, Benelux, Spain and South Africa.


2014 and Insiris opens its second office in Banbury, UK to support continuing growth of its team.


2015 and the Service Management Expo, London, sees Insiris launch its revolutionary AI-Powered Planning Platform – Rubix.  The result of 6 years Research and Development, Rubix promises to disrupt the existing planning and scheduling market with its innovative technology and Rubix Team support.