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Vacant Property Specialists (VPS) are the European trusted specialists in securing, maintaining and managing vacant property and construction sites across a wide range of customer and industry sectors.  Insiris provide their 500-strong mobile workforce with the Unity Mobile Workforce Management system to deliver work and provide more efficient ways of working.


Realtime job information providing automation from Quote to Cash.

To help improve the performance and safety of their mobile operations, VPS use a number of AI-Powered technologies from Insiris, in order to provide their customers with market leading service, and the business with an efficient, productive way of working.  Job Planning and Dispatch is carried out through the Unity back-office Web App, with mobile workers equipped with the Unity Android handheld app.  Work is carried out and kept up to date by workers in the field with Operations enjoying a real-time view of job statuses from back at base.

It’s 07:30 and a VPS Inspector opens their Android Unity App and Checks In to work.  Their job schedule has already arrived on their smartphone, and they are ready to start work. No need to call in to work or drive to the depot – they can start straight from home – on to their first job: inspecting a vacant office building for a client.  Back Office is immediately informed they have started travelling to the job and the Inspector is guided to their destination through in-built satellite navigation.

The Inspector arrives at their Inspection and completes a Risk Assessment – designed in house by VPS’ team of analysts using Insiris’ smart workflows.  The App, incorporating Mobile AI, intelligently decides that it is safe to continue work and takes the worker on to the next stage of their inspection.

The worker starts work on the inspection – tapping the ruggedised NFC tag installed at the property.  Their position and information is immediately captured and sent to the Unity Web App back at base – providing independently verifiable proof of presence for VPS’ customer.

Using Insiris’ Smart Workflow steps, VPS’ Inspector captures rich information on the state of the property.  Photographs are captured, electricity meter readings saved and issues relating to the property (such as broken windows or intrusion) are logged and recorded on the job.  The job is completed – with instant transmission to the office team, back at VPS central coordination centre.

Time & Attendance Enabled

VPS utilise Insiris’ market leading Time & Attendance features to automatically generate worker timesheets from information captured from the field.

Back at base and VPS’ Operations team are entirely connected to their mobile workforce.  Through intuitive, easy to use Live Maps and realtime views, progress can be tracked remotely.  Worker positions are overlayed onto maps along with jobs and data from the field.

To streamline the business VPS have used Insiris’ AI-Powered Rule Engine to automate areas of the operation.  Team members are instantly informed via email and SMS to failed and rejected jobs from the field.  Managers can keep track of delays in the start to work through Late Check In rules.  The Insiris Rule Engine works hand in hand with management teams to streamline the entire back office process.

Staff use Unity’s Web App to keep track of jobs as they arrive from workers.  Intelligent integration carried out between the Insiris Professional Services team and VPS’ in-house IT department results in a seamless 2-way data exchange. Unity updates VPS’ back-office BM systems, in turn completing works in a bespoke Customer Portal. The result? Customers can typically see all recorded data directly from the field in a matter of minutes.

Meanwhile, Insiris’ Reporting and Dashboard software provide operational intelligence to senior managers and the SMT.  Dashboards give directors quick at-a-glance views of business health.  Automated Insights mine job data to identify jobs that require further attention and repairs – automatically e-mailed to team inboxes for followup with clients.

At the end of a shift, the VPS Inspector arrives back home and ‘Checks Out’ of the App.  Their timesheet is complete and Unity automatically informs back office they have arrived home safe and sound.  

Unity has helped VPS leapfrog their competitors and through a strong, and continuing working partnership, helps to provide technology innovation in the space of Vacant Property Services.

“Insiris has transformed the way we do business and the service we offer our customers”

Anthony Owen
Managing Director

“Our 500 mobile workers throughout Europe are managed 24/7/365 via Insiris’s platform, helping us to continually deliver superior performance over our competitors”

Anthony Owen, Vacant Property Specialists