Completely bespoke Asset Database

Organisations don’t like prescriptive software.  Software that doesn’t impact on the operations or processes a business currently uses perfectly supports those using it.  In Asset Management, this means that the fundamental operating part – the Asset Database – needs to be completely flexible, providing organisations with the ability to define how assets should look, be organised, what data they contain and who or where they are assigned to.

Keep has been designed to be infinitely flexible with a free form hierarchy system, and a user-definable asset model.

Watch how easy it is to create your Asset Database

We’ve prepared a short video that shows you how quick and easy it is to build your own Asset Database using Templates, our Asset Hierarchy and Groups.


Templates are the cornerstone of the Asset DB.  They allow you to define a ‘type’ of asset, and then quickly and easily define the fields you want to capture on that asset.  You can store rich data against your asset including pick lists, dates, times and text fields.  Out in the field, mobile workers can manage and update this data using their smartphones providing a completely connected operation.

Groups & Hierarchy

Categorising and managing your Asset Database should be quick, easy and completely intuitive.  Keep provides an infinitely flexible hierarchy based system that enables you to group assets however you choose.  Fine grained access controls means your users only see the bits of the system they need to.  The web interface provides a rich and fast interface to managing and finding your assets.

Ownership Tracking

Without a robust system for managing the movement, transferring and ownership of assets, things get lost.  Keep uses the latest technology to ensure that assets can be tracked, at all times, to a location, customer, worker or site.  NFC technology on workers’ handhelds allows the scanning of stock and assets in and out – providing a verifiable audit trail of exactly where an asset has been – and where it is now.

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