Managing Work for Assets

Having a way to track issues and pending work against assets is critical to a modern Enterprise Asset Management system.  Job management software can go someway to tracking actual work carried out against assets – but organisations frequently need a way to record issues and log pending work against assets.  This is even more important when considering the complexities of Maintenance and Repair work on assets, and the requirement to efficiently optimise the planning of this work.

We’ve solved this problem in an intuitive, simple way.  Our Web Based Asset Management Software – Keep – allows businesses to easily log ‘Cases’ against their assets.  Cases can be logged from the field, from a worker’s handheld running the Keep software, or from back office using the Web App.  Cases are able to track exactly what work needs carrying out on an asset including what other stock or inventory may need using.  The total cost of cases can be tracked to provide accurate cost forecasting.

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Accurately Cost Work for Assets


Costing Work can be difficult.  Part of maintenance, repair and asset work scheduling is understanding the cost of performing works – and if necessary, factoring that into any optimised plans of work that are created.  Keep makes sure cases have accurate costings assigned to them.  Workers and executives can easily build cases that include a costed breakdown of labour, materials and resources needed to complete the job.  Cases can even be placed on hold or automatically approved based on pre-defined rules.  All of this costing is driven through Insiris’ completely bespoke Rate Plan system – allowing you to set different rates for different customers, assets or locations.

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