Parts, Stock & Inventory Tracking

Many Service focussed organisations utilise parts, consumables or other items of stock whilst carrying out work in the field.  A robust asset management system, working in harmony with a mobile working solution, needs to be able to track this stock.  Keep works hand in hand with Unity to empower mobile workers to track and manage stock and inventory whilst mobile.  Data is seamlessly transmitted between mobile and back office ensuring accurate job costings and true, realtime reflections of stock levels.  Keep also integrates with the AI-Powered portions of Unity to perform actions like automatically re-ordering stock.

“Managing stock and inventory requires a competent Asset Management system married with the latest Mobile Working Software.  Insiris’ software brings these previously disconnected systems into one solution”

A controllable way to Parts and Stock management

Asset Managers are all too aware of the problems inherent in managing mobile teams and stock based assets at the same time.  Keeping track of inventory, company assets and ensuring accurate customer billing manually is rarely the most optimal approach.  Insiris have developed Keep to complement our Mobile Working and Planning software.  Keep provides everything an Asset Management team needs from EAM software, with rich – and automatic – integration with the moving parts of the operation.  Workers no longer need to login to a separate asset management system whilst mobile – it’s part of their daily activity through the handheld software.  And back office executives have visibility over stock and inventory to accurately price jobs.  Keep completes the mobile working circle, enabling businesses to do more, with less.

Mobile Enabled

Manage stock, inventory and parts from the Keep handheld mobile software.

Fleet Management

Use integrated asset tracking hardware to accurately pinpoint valuable assets and inventory out in the field.


Keep track of Assets

Use the latest technologies, such as NFC scanning, to promote ownership assignment of company assets.

Accurate Work Order Costing

Flexible pricing matrices drive job costings that update in realtime as teams add inventory to work.

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