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Organisations today demand more from software planning solutions.  Algorithms and computing has advanced hugely in the last 20 years and businesses are recognising what AI-Powered and Machine Learning software can do.  As important as the algorithms and technology that power optimisation engines is the ability to be easily and intuitively used by human planners.  99.9% of the process may be carried out by computers – but the decision maker is always the human.

That’s why Insiris provides not just the latest advances in AI and Machine Learning, but offers ‘Planning as a Platform’ – a human focused way to provide planners with optimisation technology working hand in hand with the ability to model planning problems in an entirely bespoke way.  All whilst supporting the ability to modify the objectives of the planner through easy to express business rules.

“It’s not man versus machine; it’s man with machine versus man without. Data and intuition are like horse and rider, you don’t try to outrun a horse; you ride it”

-Pedro Domingos, The Master Algorithm

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