Why organisations need Assistive Planning

Businesses today face complex planning problems that are simply too big for human planners to efficiently optimise.  Planners face a challenge of evaluating millions of possible solutions to a planning problem.  In the face of such an enormous task, remarkable work is still carried out.  What Assistive Planning does is use technology and software to search through 99% of the problem space – with the human planner retaining firm control of the rudder and the final decision making process.  This symbiotic relationship between software and planning team provides businesses incredible results and opportunities for efficiency savings and improvement.

It’s not man versus machine; it’s man with machine versus man without. Data and intuition are like horse and rider, you don’t try to outrun a horse; you ride it

Pedro Domingos

Professor, University of Washington

How Assistive Planning Works

Rubix’s Assistive Planning typically operates in one of three modes (or a blend of all three)


Pre-planned mode allows your operations staff to generate plans that cover days, weeks, months or even years.  Our planning software works hand in hand with your scheduling team to use the very latest AI technologies to drive efficiencies, whilst providing the team with the ability (and time) to plan, assess and execute.



Our Assistive Optimiser can work a fine balance between pre-planned and realtime.  Just-In-Time mode gives the planner the ability to automatically re-plan the current schedule based on changing events in the field. The difference is that it can preserve the next hour’s schedule to avoid disruption. Predictable and efficient.


The most challenging to implement – but potentially most efficient mode is realtime planning. Here, our AI technology uses all the mobile data we have from your teams to understand the changing mobile landscape and in realtime re-route, re-schedule and re-optimise the plan.

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