Mobile Workforce Scheduling Software

Rubix has been designed to perfectly complement its sister product Unity – providing AI-Powered Mobile Working Software.  Unity is a fantastic example of the types of large-scale complex planning problems that can be solved using the Rubix solution, especially when supported by the Rubix Planning Team.

Simple to use Assistive Planning

Unity has incorporated many of the elements of the Rubix AI Planning platform to provide a near ‘out of the box’ solution for field service organisations looking to implement work order scheduling, route optimisation and skills based planning.  Unity has built in Rubix compliance tools to verify where plans were, and were not, followed.


Route Optimisation

Our Route Optimisation technology uses real road travel distances and speed information to deliver optimal routes that ensure short travel distances when scheduling mobile resources.


Visualisation Tools

Our tools visualise plans generated by Rubix, from jobs overlayed onto maps to gantt-style views that visually show travel times, job durations and shift start/ends.


Compliance Tools

Use Unity’s Planning Compliance Visualiser to overlay the actuals of how closely a plan was followed by mobile operatives with the original plan, to spot and understand deviations from the schedule.


Assistive Planning

Unity’s simple to use, elegant drag and drop dispatch tool is present in our integration with Rubix.  Supporting Assistive Planning, operators can manually over-ride and re-optimise portions of a plan.

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