Planning as a Platform

Insiris have spent the last decade perfecting the algorithms, processes and technology that makes up the Rubix Optimisation Platform.  Our platform approach to planning means organisations only need to plug in the parts of their planning problem that are unique to them.  Modelling a problem can take as little as a few days – a few more for expressing business rules and constraints and Rubix can already start solving the problem.  This fast, iterative, low-cost approach to planning is driven by the Rubix technology stack – a world first in AI Planning.

The Rubix Technology Stack

Some of the pieces that make up our advanced planning software

Modelling Engine

Takes an organisation’s planning problem and models it into something the Rubix Optimisation Platform can understand. Model relationships between entities. Some examples: Jobs and Resources; Products and Manufacturing Lines or Roads and Traffic.

Optimisation Algorithms

These perform the work of searching through the problem space and finding improving solutions. We utilise a variety of algorithms including construction heuristics (first fit, cheapest insertion) and meta-heuristics (local search, evolutionary).

Constraint Programming

Key to, and an extension of, the model are the constraints. These specify what the boundaries are of the model – we can reflect this using hard constraints (e.g. a worker cannot work on a Saturday) and softer constraints (minimise product waste).


Getting data in and out of Rubix is crucial. The engine has a well known API and can integrate with any third party system, to receive data to work on, and to export solutions. Run Rubix using our SaaS platform or in-house it as standalone as required.

Rule Management System

Businesses need a way to dynamically alter the rules of the system – to try out new types of plans, or update the model. Our Rule Management allows this via a point and click, self serve interface, allowing planners to rapidly iterate through new and changing plans.

Graph Optimisation Engine

Many planning problems have a requirement for graph programming. Our Graph Optimisation Engine is able to calculate graphing metrics and is used extensively in conjunction with our route planning distances to commonly find shortest paths and routes.

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