Asset Management

At Insiris, we understand the Asset.  Many businesses’ entire operations focus around the delivery, installation or maintenance of one or more assets.  That’s why Unity incorporates the latest in asset management technologies to deliver a solution that looks after your assets from delivery, right the way through to maintenance.  Mobile Asset Management takes the best components of Keep – our Asset Management software – and optimises them for the mobile landscape.

Asset Lifecycle Management baked in

Software that provides the Asset Database is only part of the puzzle.  Organisations need a system that fully understands the lifecycle of an asset to ensure total business efficiency – and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.  Taking assets and predicting and managing their service and maintenance intervals, and feeding that data into optimisation and scheduling software is key to achieving asset excellence.  You’ll be pleased to know that Unity, along with Keep, delivers in these areas – and then some.

  • Advanced, intuitive Asset Database
  • Mobile Inventory and Parts tracking
  • Complete integration with the mobile working solution
  • Integrate advanced field asset telematics for remote telemetry

Asset Management - built for mobile

Asset Management software that understands mobile operations

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