Designing Jobs

You need a Mobile Workforce Management system that is there to both support your mobile workers, and make sure your organisation performs.  Key to this is ensuring workers follow the steps required to complete a job, whilst capturing and recording valuable data.  We’ve built a rich toolkit to help you design the logical process of completing a job (from back-office to handheld and then back-to-office): Smart Workflows.

Smart Workflows

Smart Workflows allow you to, using simple point-and-click tools, design the steps that a mobile worker takes through a job.  At each step you can provide information to the worker and request more data from the field via rich data capture.

  • Create and dispatch jobs based off Smart Workflow Templates
  • Create Smart Workflow Templates using intuitive drag-and-drop tools
  • Add data capture for workers – photos, signatures, textfields, dates, times etc
  • Add in our AI features: formulas, validations and logic

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