Performance Analysis

Key to driving service performance and revenue is visibility into your mobile operations.  Managers and executives need software and tools that keep them informed of changing trends, often mitigating problems before they become problems.  Insiris provides actionable Insights through our Business Reporting and customisable dashboards suite.  As with the rest of our AI-Powered Mobile Working software, our Analysis tools provide ultimate customisation and intelligence.

Business Reporting

Insights that are unique to your organisation

Build your own Workforce Performance Analytics.  Flexible Report building tools allow organisations to visualise problems and drill down into root causes.

Bespoke Dashboards

Visualise KPIs with realtime dashboards

Operations Managers and executives rely on realtime, accurate data in order to make smart decisions.  Insiris’ dashboards allow managers, without intervention from IT, to build their own dashboards to visualise the current mobile landscape.

  • Save, Share and Schedule Reports at predefined times
  • iPad and Tablet ready so you can report on the go
  • Export data using common formats for further analysis

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