Plan & Dispatch

Dispatchers, Planners and Managers all use the scheduling and optimisation tool as the primary interface in the mobile workforce management environment.  Having a system that increases the efficiency of a mobile workforce is key to the scheduler’s role.  Our scheduling and optimisation engine harnesses the power of AI to deliver plans that are achievable, optimal and predictable.

An Integral Tool

We believe that a solid planning and optimisation tool is as integral to a Mobile Working solution as any other part.  Without the ability to effectively, and efficiently, plan works, businesses struggle to realise the full potential cost savings of a works management system.  At Insiris, we specialise in AI Powered Mobile Working and AI Powered Planning software.  Unity takes full advantage of our Rubix planning engine to deliver fully optimised schedules of work.

  • Truly Assistive Planning – works with your planners, not as a means to replace them
  • Incorporates the latest algorithms, meta-heuristics, routing data and more
  • Provides a full set of compliance tools to allow organisations to assess the success of plans


Our Scheduling and Optimisation software is based on years of R&D into Operational Planning.



Unity provides one complete system to manage and automate the entire mobile workforce.



Easy to use and visualise – we’ve simplified the process of planning using intuitive tools.

AI Powered Planning and Optimisation

Our scheduling and dispatch product is based on a combination of academic research, years of experience in business modelling and the latest advances in computing and optimisation technology.

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