Realtime Visibility

Organisations rely on data in order to make decisions in realtime – in the moment.  The explosion that has been mobile working has provided no shortage of data, but the scales have been tipped in the other direction.  Managers now face too much data – leading to inertia in decision making at critical moments.  The solution, is a realtime visibility system that works for a business.  Insiris have developed our realtime visibility tools to support back office teams – filtering out the unnecessary, automating the mundane and highlighting the exceptional.

How does Realtime Visibility Work?

Our AI-Powered Mobile Workforce Management software provides a realtime visibility toolkit that empowers businesses.  Our Rule Engine employs custom business rules to automatically trigger actions when conditions are met. Like sending an SMS to a customer when a worker is en-route. Or re-ordering stock when a threshold is met.  The engine is a step forward in mobile working technology: businesses can maximise the efficiency and productivity of their operation.

  • Easily create out-of-the-box or custom rules that trigger actions
  • Actions can send emails, SMS or voice calls, or trigger events
  • Our Rule Engine is fully compatible with your 3rd party systems

How does Realtime Visibility Help?

Customer Service

Alert customers when teams are on their way, make sure third parties are kept in the loop or give an instant paperless invoice to your client.

Business Reposiveness

Respond to events as they happen – automate processes, adjust plans and schedules and action health and safety events arriving from the field.


Push Productivity

Develop robust AI-Powered rules that maximise productivity – like adjusting a schedule if an SLA is in danger, or alerting when something isn’t on track.

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