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Field Service Analytics & Reporting Built for you

Big Data can be confusing for many organisations. Understanding how data capture informs and makes analytics and insights possible is key. Our team have worked with many organisations to help build a data analytics platform that provides actually useful data for businesses. Off the shelf reporting can often fall short of providing actionable data. WorkEngine and our team arm you with quality data and analysis.

Deliver lightning fast, self-serve Reports & Dashboards

We empower your entire team with data and analytics - whether producing KPI analysis for your leadership team, efficiency and work statistics for senior managers or job completion stats for your customers, our self serve platform allows you to run and schedule reports on demand to gain further insight.

Partnership Driven Analytics

Many organisations struggle to achieve high quality, useful analytics and reports. Understand the way data flows from work orders to job schedules, planning and into completion can be obfuscated in many systems. Our unique partnership driven approach provides your organisation with data scientists from day one: we put data and analytics first in your work management project.

Data visualisation at every level

Our analytics and business intelligence solutions deliver your team long term insight into performance at every level. High level KPIs provide daily 'at a glance' metrics for leadership teams to make high level decisions. Summary analytics helps team leaders craft long term plans, whilst drill down reports offer your data analysts insight into root performance issues and resolutions.

Data in One System

You need the ability to make fast, fact-based decisions to supercharge your operations. WorkEngine tracks all data in one system, one data warehouse. Our platform can even pull in and associate data held in third party systems to merge data sources and interpret and share essential information with your team. Data analysis can even feed back into Rubix - our optimisation technology - to influence future planning decisions.

Seamless integration with 3rd Party Data Analytics

We know that many organisation utilise third party data warehousing and reporting systems. We know that the true value in analytics is in measurable action and insight - and some tools, that pull data from other systems may do this better than we do. It's why we've built integrations with systems such as Birst, Qlik, PowerBI and Mode Analytics.

Powerful Analytics, BigData &

Machine Learning capability


Insights & Analytics

Capture, process and transform data in order to drive bespoke dashboards and reporting



Bring data out of spreadsheets, paper & planners' heads & into an organisation wide, visible platform


Custom Fields

Use WorkEngine's flexible data modelling technology to build your own entities and relationships that staff can work on

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