Securing thousands of assets, vehicles and fleet equipment through a customised, bespoke telematics & tracking solution




Improved Visibility & Advanced Telematics Solutions for the largest independent construction materials group in the UK.


Breedon Group, an AIM-listed British construction materials company, are the UK's largest independent and fastest growing materials group in the UK. Managing a fleet over over 1000 vehicles and an asset portfolio of double this, Breedon required a telematics and asset management solution to improve visibility and keep equipment safe.

A platform for continued growth

In 2011 Breedon were looking for a technology partner to help manage their estate of vehicles, trucks, fleet and fixed site equipment. Rising demand and a lack of visibility for planners and dispatchers across Breedon's national depots and quarries, were affecting Breedon's aggressive growth plan for the business. Increased asset purchases had led to a large balance sheet of expensive equipment that required protection from theft.

The board began exploring the market place.


Guiding Breedon to a future proof solution

Breedon evaluated a number of providers in the market. Working in conjunction with one of our partners - SDS Technology - we knew the problems Breedon were facing. Working with paper and a lack of actionable data and visibility meant optimisation of the operation was difficult. A driver owned network of delivery trucks, coupled with company owned assets necessitated a two pronged approach to telematics equipment deployment and maintenance. Furthermore, Breedon required a telematics partner able to offer flexibility and local knowledge in managing the installation and maintenance of equipment in the field. Having completed a number of bespoke telematics and tracking projects we knew our partner driven approach would solve Breedon's problems.

A holistic technology deployment plan

We spent time working with Breedon's national transport manager and operations teams to develop a two part deployment plan with our Matix telematics and tracking solution at the centre. Our team were able to develop our telematics platform to provide real-time management and tracking of vehicles, empowering depot planning teams to plan deliveries more efficiently. Our second part involved our hardware engineers selecting a suitable IoT telematics unit for monitoring of Breedon's high-value equipment. We designed custom algorithms and processes - using our WorkEngine Triggers technology - to detect anomalies in equipment movement and automatically alert staff to possible theft.


Growth through Telematics

We implemented both solutions over a 6 month period, working with Breedon on a national and local level. Our hardware engineers delivered custom telematics devices, configured specifically for Breedon's requirements. We knew that simplicity of solution was key - it's why we provide Breedon with a complete turn-key solution with devices, airtime and updates provided for a fixed cost. The solution has helped Breedon grow through its acquisition of other providers - including Hope Cement, in addition to keeping assets secure and resulting in the recovery of stolen items on numerous occasions.

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