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Facilities Management organisations require the right tools to ensure their workforce and operation are highly efficient and streamlined. The speed of your response to customer requests and juggling both planned and reactive maintenance across multiple sites - and thousands of assets is no small task.


We're here to provide a seamlessly connected work management & planning solution.

Delight customers with an integrated Mobile Workforce Management solution

Our Facilities Management Solution helps your organisation truly achieve the FM mantra of 'getting more done with less'. FM organisations face an uphill battle against rising costs, ageing assets and a highly competitive sector - where cost can often be a customer's deciding factor.

Our solution provides a completely integrated work management, scheduling and telematics solution that helps your FM organisation drive down costs whilst exceeding your customer expectations.

Our trio of solutions supports Facilities Management businesses with the full lifecycle of designing, scheduling, executing and analysing work. Our technology allows the management of an unlimited number of assets against which reactive or planned work can be planned. Double entry is eradicated with our inherently connected solution, allowing work to flow from CRM, ERP and EAM systems.

Managers gain insight into work in the field, receiving alerts on critical issues. Planners and schedulers gain access to bespoke dynamic scheduling tools to intelligently plan jobs and react to changes. Integrated telematics provides data from the field - including vehicle and asset tracking. Field personnel are supported with rich mobile technology to carry out work, capture media in the field and update records. We deliver all this in a work management platform built entirely for you, in your language, that works hard to increase resource utilisation, customer satisfaction and drive down cost.

Featured Customer Story

Intelligent planning and optimisation can make the difference between a shipment delivered on time and an unhappy customer. Companies also often experience growing pains when scaling their logistics operation - extra vehicles, people and deliveries.

Work Management Platform


Use WorkEngine's alerting features to report in realtime on any type of event, such as work changes, missed SLAs and more

Asset Utilisation

Optimise sequencing & allocation of jobs, work orders & production to ensure maximum utilisation of tools & equipment

Custom Fields

Use WorkEngine's flexible data modelling technology to build your own entities and relationships that staff can work on

Dynamic Scheduling

Perform work order scheduling in real time and recalculate plans as the operational landscape changes

Infinitely Flexible

Don't be constrained - WorkEngine offers the ability to design and build a Work Management solution entirely for your business


Integrate Internet of Things devices through our Matix telematics platform to combine data and gain further insight

Media Capture

Capture rich media when carrying out and completing work including photos, videos, signatures, voice and rmore

Mobile Tracking

Track and monitor remote workers through the WorkEngine Mobile App, and keep up to date with workers' time and attendance

Realtime Planning

Adjust to changes in real-time whilst balancing the amount of disruption caused to plans that are underway

Scenario Planning

Generate different solutions to planning problems and quantitatively assess each one with scenario tools

Seamless Integration

Integrate data from SAP, IBM and in house ERP and CRM systems to eliminate double and re-keying


Design and take action when conditions happen - send an email, SMS a customer, re-order stock - the possibilities are endless


Bring data out of spreadsheets, paper & planners' heads & into an organisation wide, visible platform

Your Language

WorkEngine allows you to model and design in your language - every aspect is customisable and powerful

Asset Management

Manage your fixed and mobile assets, record data and maintenance inspections and perform predictive analysis

Cloud Based

All our solutions are build and delivered on our WorkEngine Cloud - meaning nothing to install, and nothing to update

Decision Support

Planning systems are more than algorithms - our tech can apply AI learning to support operator decision making

Forms & Workflows

Design forms and data capture built around your organisation with WorkEngine's Forms and Workflow Design technology

Insights & Analytics

Capture, process and transform data in order to drive bespoke dashboards and reporting

Job Dispatch

Send work orders to mobile teams and engineers, and complete work out in the field without a network signal

Mobile Apps

Dispatch and manage work for field and mobile workers with our WorkEngine Mobile Apps

Realtime Mapping

View people, locations, vehicles, devices and more through customisable mapping overlayed with Street View, Traffic & more

Route Optimisation

Take into account routing and traffic situations to generate optimal routes to minimise time, distance and cost


Take your WFM solution to the next level - change any and all aspects of the system through the WorkEngine Scripting Language

Shift Planning

Capture workers' shifts and working time information in order to guide planning and capacity decisions

Vehicle Tracking

Track and monitor vehicles and assets out in the field, detect journeys and report on asset and fleet utilisation

Work Order Management

Manage Work Orders through complex processes - design workflows and codify the processes of work for your organisation

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