Meet WorkEngine. 

The first Data Driven
Facilities Management Solution

WorkEngine. is the first FM solution built around your data that can completely automate your operation, backed up by our team of experts.

Leapfrog your competition & deliver incredible customer service by becoming data driven with our solution.

Your FM Data has unlimited value and should be treated as a commodity as valuable as the service you offer.  Other off-the-shelf solutions force you to compromise and discard this valuable data by deciding up front what you should store, and how your FM solution should work.

Our Data Driven FM solution is built entirely around your business and your data opening up new possibilities for automation, analytics and insight.

Key Benefits include:

  • Measure, analyse and automate via any metric you can imagine.

  • Confidently deliver personalised customer experiences.

  • Improved maintenance programmes, pattern forecasting and reduce total lifecycle costs.

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 01  A Data Value Platform that drives..

Decision Support

Get real-time, relevant access to your data to help make informed decisions and answer questions not known up front.

Continuous Improvement

Remove those departmental information silos to become agile, increase efficiency, effectiveness & spot new opportunities for growth.

 02  Automation & Codification tools for...

Consistency &

Anywhere Working

Codify working knowledge to remove risk, automate service delivery to delight customers & give staff tools to work anywhere.

Intelligent, Automated Decision Making

Incorporate next level technology including dynamic scheduling, automated planning & business process automation.


 03  A Team of Experts to..

Guarantee Success


A decade of experience & access to our in-house team minimises risk and failure of rollout of your next generation solution.

Partner with you


Ongoing access to our specialists & expertise, delivered through a SaaS model, continually improving & growing with your business.

What our customers say

Our 500 mobile workers throughout Europe are managed 24/7/365 via Insiris’s platform, helping us to continually deliver superior performance over our competitors

Anthony Owen

CEO, VPS Group

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