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Community based clinicians and health & social care staff play a critical role in the lives of the people they care for. Today's modern Health and Social Care clinicians need to be provided with more to do the work that matters. Many organisations suffer from paper based administration and poor access to patient information; which in turn reduce efficiency and patient satisfaction.


We've designed and pioneered technology that streamlines home and specialised healthcare services, providing mobile workforce optimisation that supports clinicians in the community and back office scheduling teams and planners.

Mobile Workforce Management

Manage and dispatch Work to your mobile teams using our WorkEngine Mobile Apps

Analytics & Insights

Get Insight from your operational data - capture, transform & report on data through reports & dashboards

Integration & ERP

Seamlessly integrate your back office CRM, ERP and other systems with our technology platform

Maximise the time for care with an integrated, AI-Powered Work Management Platform

To relieve the pressure on hospitals and inpatient care, the last few years have seen increased dependence on the provision of community based care. This has in turn placed huge pressure on health and social care providers to 'do more, with less'. Increasing compliance requirements from the Care Quality Commission means organisations have to be able to deliver services to patients more efficiently than ever before. Standardisation and intelligent planning - not to mention the security of technology deployed - is critical to the delivery of care.

We understand the pressures Health and Social Care providers are under. We also understand that every provider is different, and works according to their own operational processes. It's why we've built a completely integrated work management and scheduling solution that solves the complexities of planning, scheduling and mobilising skilled healthcare workers.

Our Healthcare focused Mobile Workforce Solution provides everything you need to deliver services to your community. Our technology supports and empowers clinicians by eradicating cumbersome paperwork and improving access to patient information through the delivery of Mobile Apps and customisable digital forms. Our platform allows organisations to codify and standardise the care process, giving users everything they need to record and share patient information.

We provide completely integrated dynamic scheduling and optimising technology that helps streamline operations to reduce costs, and deliver more reactive, personalised service for patients. Your organisation's primary focus is not technology, and that's why our a2b Pathway supports your operation - you'll benefit from a trusted technology partner that drives the delivery of exceptional care that exceeds expectations.

Featured Customer Story

Improved visibility, smart algorithms and a more connected planning team resulted in operational improvements of over 15%, and a 4x ROI for the Port of London Authority.


Work Management Platform


Forms & Workflows

Design forms and data capture built around your organisation with WorkEngine's Forms and Workflow Design technology


Mobile Apps

Dispatch and manage work for field and mobile workers with our WorkEngine Mobile Apps


Insights & Analytics

Capture, process and transform data in order to drive bespoke dashboards and reporting


Route Optimisation

Take into account routing and traffic situations to generate optimal routes to minimise time, distance and cost

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