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Job & Work Management

Compromise? Not Here.

Our WorkEngine platform has been designed for those organisations looking for more than an 'off the shelf' work management system. Our platform provides you with the ability to design the entities and relationships that make up your business - and assign roles for the right objects to the right people. You don't need to compromise your processes to fit the software.

Seamlessly automate your operations processes

Our Work Management technology lets you take manual, human driven processes and automate them. WorkEngine has a number of point and click tools that allow for the codifying of processes. Automatically send that invoice to accounts when a job is complete. Kick off a re-ordering system when stock is low. Re-run a planning schedule when a job overruns - the possibilities are endless.

Mobile First

Drive user adoption with a mobile-first approach. Our best in-class mobile workforce solutions can be used in a variety of industries. Our WorkEngine Mobile App empowers technicians and operatives to carry out work seamlessly away from the desk. The same work processes and flows are available 'on-device' - even when operating offline.

Intelligent Rules, Alerting and Decision making

You can supercharge the automation and systemisation of your business. Delegate decision making and alerting to the platform by encoding your business rules, and conditions into our Triggers technology. Fully integrated into our IoT offering, you can be alerted when equipment readings spike, SLAs are in danger - whatever matters to you most can be codified and elevated to your teams.

Visualise every corner of your business

We've built a range of real-time and historical visualisation features into the platform. Plot worker, job or asset locations on rich Google Maps-enabled mapping. View Vehicle locations, driver behaviour and performance in dashboards. Keep an eye on production levels and pinch points in your operation. You are the author of your own work management system, curating the information that is presented to enable your teams to do more.

Always in your Language

We've done off the shelf work management software - and here's a secret: it forces you to compromise or change the way you carry out work. WorkEngine is our solution to this problem; by supporting a flexible modelling layer, you describe and create the entities in your organisation - in your language. There's no impedance mismatch, no head scratching from users - everything is curated by you, in your language. The best bit? It takes no longer to implement than an off-the-shelf system (where someone else has made those decisions for you).

Realtime Visualisation, Mapping

Tools - in your language


Your Language

WorkEngine allows you to model and design in your language - every aspect is customisable and powerful



Bring data out of spreadsheets, paper & planners' heads & into an organisation wide, visible platform


Work Order Management

Manage Work Orders through complex processes - design workflows and codify the processes of work for your organisation

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