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Manufacturing businesses must deal with the complexities of supply chain design and planning, inbound inventory, master production scheduling and onward logistics planning. Very often each of these facets of production planning require tailored scheduling & optimisation. Operations and Production Managers are under pressure to do more with the same or less resources - leading to increased profits and a solid platform for business growth.


Our Manufacturing Work Management technology is designed to digitise paper based processes and provide advanced optimisation & scheduling software for production controllers and planners.

Job & Work Management

All the tools you need for the full work lifecycle - modelled and designed entirely in your business' language

Analytics & Insights

Get Insight from your operational data - capture, transform & report on data through reports & dashboards

Dynamic Scheduling & Optimisation

Optimise your organisation with the latest Scheduling & Optimisation processes and technology

Intelligent, AI-Powered Technology that eradicates waste and streamlines processes

Manufacturing organisations face two critical pressures when it comes to managing work. Operational processes and manufacturing schedules must be carried out in the most efficient, optimal way, managing the complexities of production sequencing, supply and demand whilst preserving the ability to dynamically change. Secondly, businesses must elevate the visibility of work from paper processes and spreadsheets to digital systems that allow insight and analysis to drive further improvements and efficiencies.

Manufacturing businesses often have niche production control software deployed that neither schedules and plans intelligently, or manages work particularly well. This is our domain - we are specialists in technology that streamlines the entire capturing, scheduling and execution of work across the entire supply chain, throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Our technology provides those manufacturing businesses in sectors such as Automotive, Metals, Chemicals and Food & Beverage with a comprehensive Work Management & Scheduling solution. Our trio of Work Management, Scheduling and Telematics solutions - delivered through a single platform - helps support day-to-day efficiencies and achieve long term productivity gains. We've integrated these 3 core technologies to help manufacturing organisations schedule more optimally, execute work for efficiently and analyse production schedules more fully.

Production Controllers and Planners are supported by our AI-Powered Scheduling & Optimisation Platform that can model your specific factory layout in your controller's language, and generate pre-planned, last minute and just-in-time manufacturing plans. Back office teams manage the progress of work through our web based platform. Production teams on the shop floor, where manufacturing processes require human intervention, can be equipped with handheld or building mounted technology to keep teams up to date in real-time with job progress. Our IoT Telematics platform can even integrate automatically with machine based and environmental sensors to automatically re-plan and dynamically optimise your entire process. The result is a competitive edge that minimises production steps and costs, whilst maximising output

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A sophisticated planning and workforce management tool that plans over 1,000,000 jobs per annum, delivering a platform for growth


Work Management Platform


Dynamic Scheduling

Perform work order scheduling in real time and recalculate plans as the operational landscape changes



Integrate Internet of Things devices through our Matix telematics platform to combine data and gain further insight


Insights & Analytics

Capture, process and transform data in order to drive bespoke dashboards and reporting


Shift Planning

Capture workers' shifts and working time information in order to guide planning and capacity decisions

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