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SaaS Hosted Platform

Available from any browser, from anywhere, 24/7/365

Our entire Work Management, Scheduling and Telematics solution is available as a web based, browser based solution. Your teams can connect from any device - from anywhere in the world. Our technology scales and supports your business growth and you'll benefit from automatic, no cost upgrades as part of your WorkEngine Subscription.

Isolated Tenant

We recognise the value and sensitivity around your business data - its your critical operating success and can encapsulate the secret sauce of your business. It's why, unlike other SaaS systems, we've pioneered a unique isolated tenant data storage system. Core data is stored in a multi tenant environment, whereas your unique organisation data is stored in an isolated, single tenant data island.

Security and Resilience built for the future

Our SaaS offering takes care of all the required computing resources from our redundant, replicated data centres. You can benefit from our 24x7 help desk team, proactive monitoring of applications and secure, ISO27001 compliant hosted systems.

The most cost effective operating model

Because we've standardised the infrastructure, architecture and purchase resources required to run our customers in the cloud, you'll find our SaaS Hosted Platform Offering the most cost effective way to run your work management technology. Benefit from burstable computing resources and our engineering effort to keep infrastructure costs as low as possible.

On Demand Cloud based APIs as standard

With our SaaS Cloud deployment, you get immediate, secure access to our complete APIs - making integration and data portability a breeze. Our Open API standards allow your IT and development team to build deep, intelligent integrations with your Work Management, Scheduling and Telematics solution.

On Premise Hosted Solutions are available

Whilst we always recommend organisations consider our Cloud First, Hosted Services, all aspects of our technology offering are available as a deployable, on premise solution.

Easy to integrate with our

Cloud APIs


Infinitely Flexible

Don't be constrained - WorkEngine offers the ability to design and build a Work Management solution entirely for your business



Take your WFM solution to the next level - change any and all aspects of the system through the WorkEngine Scripting Language


Seamless Integration

Integrate data from SAP, IBM and in house ERP and CRM systems to eliminate double and re-keying

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