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Telematics & Tracking

Tracking & Telematics solutions built for you

Our Matix solution provides a completely configurable tracking and telematics platform. We offer a managed, bespoke service that provides you with the ability to connect telematics and IoT devices from the field. Not only does our Matix platform integrate remote telematics data, we provide hardware and device expertise to build and deploy an end-to-end solution.

Influence Scheduling & Planning through remote device data

Developing effective dynamic scheduling and planning of resources relies upon a completely connected data experience. With Matix, you can quickly and easily combine remote device and sensor data with our planning and scheduling platform to drive realtime decisions that increase efficiency and lower costs.

Drive Decisions with realtime monitoring and alerting

Use the realtime alerting and monitoring features of our WorkEngine platform to create rules and alerts that automate actions and alert your staff to what matters most. Integrate telematics sensors and data that feed realtime decision support and use our visualisation tools to plot geographic locations of remote devices in realtime.

BigData and AI-Ready

Today's organisations know that future profitability and customer service will be driven by good decisions, made with a combination of data, machine learning and AI. Capturing and managing your telematics and IoT Data can provide your business with insight to drive better decision making and answer operational questions. Our platform can collect, transform and analyse huge amounts of data to supercharge your business and keep you one step ahead.


Vehicle & Asset Tracking Solutions

Our Matix platform provides a number of out of the box vertical solutions - the most adopted being Vehicle Tracking. We offer an end-to-end solution for vehicle tracking including hardware devices, airtime, installation, driver behaviour and more. The real USP? The ability to take vehicle tracking to the next level by customising your tracking system to fit your exact needs and completely integrate it into your work management and scheduling solution.

Vehicle Tracking Vertical Solutions

The second out of the box product built using our Telematics Platform is our Asset tracking solution. Built to serve those customers that require the monitoring and management of remote assets, our solution is able to report location, detect theft, manage geofences and more. It benefits from the same advantage as our Vehicle Tracking solution - providing total customisation to meet your exact business requirements.

Asset Tracking Vertical Solutions

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