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The Utilities industry has, in recent years, experienced a heavy focus on customer service. Water, Electric and Gas utilities are juggling the challenge of delivering quality service at the lowest possible cost. Increased regulatory oversight - particularly in price setting - has meant the very best Utilities organisations are considering how to transition from legacy green screen applications to advanced paperless solutions.


You need a connected work management & planning partner.

Analytics & Insights

Get Insight from your operational data - capture, transform & report on data through reports & dashboards

Asset Management

Model & manage the assets of your business - from fixed assets to mobile inventory and stock

Dynamic Scheduling & Optimisation

Optimise your organisation with the latest Scheduling & Optimisation processes and technology

Supercharge Utilities Work Management & Planning with smart AI-Powered technology

Growing infrastructure, mandatory programs such as Smart Metering and increased demand mean Utilities must incorporate technology to stay ahead of the game. Regulations and targets for energy DNOs and suppliers (set by Ofgem) or the Water 2020 Program (set by Ofwat) means your work management and planning solution must be geared up to meet or exceed certain KPIs. We've developed an integrated work management and planning solution that can codify your operating model, and ensure work is planned and carried out to focus on your KPIs.

Our technology offering seamlessly integrates into leading ERP and Asset Management systems (including SAP & IBM Maximo) and we are the only provider to have incorporated job management, scheduling and telematics/IoT into one integrated offering.

Our trio of Work Management, Scheduling and Telematics solutions - delivered through a single platform - helps support day-to-day efficiencies and achieve long term productivity gains. By integrating these 3 core technologies we can help Utilities businesses deliver service at every level from engineer scheduling to job scheduling.

Field Engineers are supported by Mobile Apps, back office staff gain visibility through realtime data and planning teams benefit from dynamic scheduling and optimisation technology. Our Technology deals with a vast array of industry specific constraints - such as work permitting, resource utilisation and intelligent prioritisation of work. Optimising plans to meet KPIs, and allowing the reprioritisation of these metrics to deal with environmental factors such as weather and shifting priorities is key. We provide a full toolbox of tech and expertise to achieve truly remarkable value.

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Discover how CamWatch use Insiris' technology to

manage assets and schedule proactive and reactive field maintenance


Work Management Platform


Asset Management

Manage your fixed and mobile assets, record data and maintenance inspections and perform predictive analysis


Mobile Apps

Dispatch and manage work for field and mobile workers with our WorkEngine Mobile Apps



Integrate Internet of Things devices through our Matix telematics platform to combine data and gain further insight


Your Language

WorkEngine allows you to model and design in your language - every aspect is customisable and powerful

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