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WorkEngine Scripting

The single source of truth for your processes

How do organisations go about systemising their processes as they grow, to ensure consistency across teams and departments? Codifying processes means taking manual processes carried out by human operators - often in very different ways - into digital processes. Our platform includes our pioneering WorkEngine Scripting language that holds and codifies your processes in one place. The result is a system that can make best-practice decisions automatically and consistently with less dependence on key knowledge holders.

Write Once, Run Anywhere Technology

WorkEngine Scripts can be written by our engineering team, or managed by yours. Either way, the scripts only need to be written once and are run consistently no matter the environment of the operator. Rest assured that processes are enacted on workers' handhelds - even when offline - in exactly the same way as your connected back office teams. Your customers benefit from a consistently delivered service, and your analysts have confidence in data captured.

Turbocharged Implementation Time

We've engineered WorkEngine's Scripting platform to support implementation time of days - not weeks or months. This means that your transformation project can be implemented quickly, in an iterative, agile manner with low risk. It's a key differentiator of our technology and means you'll be seeing results and improvements more quickly, and at a lower cost.

Fully Matix and Rubix Ready

Our Scripting technology is implemented in all areas of our work management, scheduling and telematics technology. With this seamless integration, you can finally connect these three previously disconnected areas in real-time, and with low investment.

Developer & IT Friendly

WorkEngine Scripting features - the glue that powers your bespoke features in the platform - is developer ready. A set of easy to understand APIs allow your in house resource to manage your own configurations and changes. Of course we're always on hand to help.

Partnership Supported

Whilst WorkEngine Scripting can be managed in house by an IT/Development Team, we recognise many organisations will opt for our managed service to set up initial scripting as part of transformation projects. We can manage this on an ongoing basis on your behalf, or when your team is ready help you take it in house.

Easy to integrate with our

Cloud APIs



Take your WFM solution to the next level - change any and all aspects of the system through the WorkEngine Scripting Language



Design and take action when conditions happen - send an email, SMS a customer, re-order stock - the possibilities are endless


Cloud Based

All our solutions are build and delivered on our WorkEngine Cloud - meaning nothing to install, and nothing to update

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