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Workflow & Form Design

Simple, Powerful Data Capture and Collection

Eradicate manual paperwork by creating electronic versions of all your forms and surveys. Capture the information important to your business, all immediately accessible to mobile and back office users. Our tools let you go beyond standard form collection - collect and annotate photos, video, audio and signatures. Geo-tag locations, integrate with NFC and barcode scanning - the options are endless.

Quality Control Rules

When designing your workflows and forms you can specify arbitrarily complex rules and conditions for data entry. Your teams can trust in data compliance from data entered - both at back office and when being used by mobile teams. By ensuring the highest quality of data, your business can take advantage of even more automation possibilities - driving cost down and efficiency up.

Smart Workflows that help your team make better decisions

With WorkEngine, every member of your team can make decisions of the same level of quality as your best performers. Enhance the workflows your team go through to capture, schedule and complete work with smart workflows. Break work into logical tasks that actively support operators with branching logic based on data entered or other factors.

Cross Platform Delivery on Web or Mobile

Many work management systems treat the web and mobile separately. We know that teams are multi-faceted, working sometimes on mobile, sometimes on web. You don't want to write your rules, workflows or processes twice. That's why our unique technology applies logic consistently no matter where you access your system from. The same logic is applied wherever your teams interact with WorkEngine.

Data presented in the format of your choice

Capturing data in a bespoke way is one half of the solution - viewing and transforming that data is the other. Information modelled and captured in our work management software can be converted into any conceivable format, document or integrated into your back office systems. Present data to your customers as company branded-documents, branded emails or in customer portals.

Drive Insight with Decision Support

Our Optimisation and Scheduling technology - Rubix - can be seamlessly integrated into your job workflows and forms to provide your operatives and planners with key information, enabling them to make better decisions. Combining the power of our tech with the ingenuity of your skilled team promises to supercharge your organisation and take it to the next level of service and profitability.

Integrated Dynamic Scheduling

& Optimisation Technology


Forms & Workflows

Design forms and data capture built around your organisation with WorkEngine's Forms and Workflow Design technology


Infinitely Flexible

Don't be constrained - WorkEngine offers the ability to design and build a Work Management solution entirely for your business



Design and take action when conditions happen - send an email, SMS a customer, re-order stock - the possibilities are endless

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