How many Mobile Apps does it take to change a lightbulb?

How many Mobile Apps does it take to change a lightbulb?

This month we look at the growing number of mobile apps workers are expected to be equipped with

November 2018

We’re currently seeing an explosion of technology in all areas of our lives — both personally and in the business world. Field and Service Management organisations have a tough job when trying to select the right technology to employ when looking after their mobile teams. Cloud based apps for mobile workers have risen dramatically in the last 12 months and there are a number of options out there for companies to choose from. But are there too many? And how can you make sure they all work seamlessly with each other?

When choice becomes difficult

Here at Insiris, we know the pains of having a lot of systems to run a business. We use a lot of SaaS tools like Github, Basecamp, Splunk and Appsignal — and it’s taken us years to hone down the systems we use to just a few. The landscape for mobile Enterprise Software is even worse. There are a huge number of great systems that can help with mobile working. Looking for a vehicle tracking system? Try Masternaut or Fleetmatics. How about a scheduling system? 360scheduling is a safe bet. Works management software? CognitoIQ looks good. The problem IT Managers and Directors face is getting all these different products integrated into the business, and talking to one another. And can your Fleet Manager just hop from your Fleet Tracking System to your Job Scheduling Software? Not easily.

Is convergence inevitable?

Probably the best example of ‘converged technology’ in the past 10 years is the mobile phone. We’ve gone from carrying a laptop to read our emails, a dumb phone to make calls, a wallet to pay with things to one single smartphone that manages our life. This incredible example of convergence is a big hint to the way technology inevitably moves. We all want things that are simple to use — and managing a multitude of systems is anything but.

Convergence in Workforce Management?

The next few years will be interesting to watch — especially the landscape of software for mobile working. We think that the merging and blurring of traditionally separate software systems will happen more and more. The benefits are obvious. Imagine if your vehicle tracking software was a part of your work scheduling system. Your Operations Manager can now track the productivity of individual vehicles by measuring job performance against a van. Imagine if your lone worker system worked hand in hand with your Driver Behaviour Monitoring. Part of your lone worker policy could now look at the safety of workers in relation to how they drive.

Not only that, but having a combined platform for managing a mobile workforce, combined with intelligent workforce management apps, completely removes the burden of integration. IT Managers no longer need to build complex and costly integrations between these separate systems.

As technology progresses, and more solutions enter the market, the job of the IT department is going to get more complex. Keeping to as few Apps as possible when choosing your suppliers will help you build an integrated platform that is more cost effective and delivers a better experience to all areas of your organisation.

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