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Field Service

Your field based employees deserve a mobility solution that provides them with everything they need, at all points of service delivery. Our Field Service technology helps guide your workers to making informed decisions; in turn delivering superior customer service and operational efficiencies.

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Manage Work

Managing work is a critical part of your Field Service technology solution. Modern business need to digitally deliver work orders and jobs, and capture data from their mobile teams in the field.  This is why we build Field Service Engine - a solution that connects you to your Field Workers.  Field Service Engine is built on our WorkEngine platform, providing unlimited opportunities for customisation and tailoring.

Work Order Management

Manage and create Work Orders and Jobs for your customers and contacts. Directly deliver these jobs to your field workers, receiving real-time progress updates and data from the field.

Smart Data Capture

Help your field teams make the best decisions through digital forms that replace paper forms, containing rich data capture tools. And remain in control, with the ability to modify your forms whenever you need.

Mobile First

Our Mobile apps connect your field based workforce with your back office teams gaining unprecedented real-time visibility to ensure peak efficiency and customer service levels.

Plan & Schedule

Our solutions provide you with the tools to intelligently plan and schedule work to your people, equipment and resources. Planning tools can take you to the next level with automated resource optimisation and scheduling, baked right in to our platforms.

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Drag and drop scheduling

Get started quickly and easily with built in drag-and-drop scheduling tools, that allow you to schedule work against your resources.

Skill based allocation

Quickly and easily filter your field team by skill to assign work to the right people, at the right time.

Go further with automation

Take advantage of assistive, dynamic scheduling technology to create automated plans that take the heavy lifting away from your team.

Field Service CRM

Managing data between different systems can be time-consuming and frustrating. That's why your Field Service solution needs a place to store all your customer data, their locations, quotations and more. We empower your teams - and streamline their processes - by housing your operational CRM data directly in your Field Service software.

Customer Data Repository

Manage Customers directly in the platform, storing key information such as their sites and contract terms, as well as files, uploads and key contacts.

Quotes & Job Costings

A Field Service solution should center around a hands off quote-to-invoice process. With our solutions you can build job costings and deliver quotes directly to clients for signing.


Supporting quick and easy ways to communicate with your customers is key. We provide your customers with a branded customer portal that surfaces data you choose, along with instant 2-way messaging.

Asset Telematics

Your business likely has a number of assets that you need to track, monitor and secure. Vehicles, field workers and equipment are key resources that should be managed by your Field Service solution.

Vehicle & People Tracking

Track your key vehicles using dedicated hardware installed into vehicles. Using our Mobile Apps field workers can share their location with you, helping utilise resources optimally, and keep staff safe.

Security & Protection

Advanced telematics hardware helps secure your most valuable assets. Detect and alert to unauthorised usage out of hours. Our solutions can even signal suspected theft and aid authorities in equipment recovery.

Asset Utilisation

Keep track of when your equipment is utilised with ignition and usage detection through our telematics hardware.  We can deliver this data through utilisation reports that help you maximise your asset ROI and redeploy underutilised resources.

Enterprise Asset Management

Why procure another system for managing your assets, when our Field Service solutions have everything you need? We help you maintain your asset register, and schedule work on a reactive or pre-planned basis - all seamlessly integrated with the rest of your software.

Asset Register

Maintain information regarding your assets in our highly customisable asset database. Allocate assets to customers and sites and store unlimited records and data points against your assets.

Reactive & Pre-Planned Works

Schedule Works against assets on either a reactive or pre-planned/recurring basis. Our software automatically creates new work orders against your works schedule, taking the pain out of contract management.

Stock Control

Modelling and tracking stock usage against work and jobs is key to monitoring and managing cost. Field Service Engine helps by allowing users to assign stock to jobs and work orders, automatically adjusting job costings in real-time.

Comply & Protect

More organisations are understanding how important it is to maintain standards of compliance and protection across all areas of their Field Service operation. We help your business by protecting the safety and mental wellbeing of your field teams, and by helping monitor and reduce your business' carbon footprint.

Worker Safety

We help keep workers safe through innovative features like location sharing and lone worker alarms. Toolbox talks, risk assessments and vehicle checks are all accessible from your field team's mobile app, guaranteeing compliance and enhancing team safety.

Worker Welfare

As more of your team operate alone, away from the office, the importance of their welfare has never been higher. We help promote mental welfare across your organisation by checking in with staff remotely and prompting for feedback from staff that frequently work alone.

Go Green

Enact corporate CO2 reduction policies with actual emissions tracking, helping reduce your business’ carbon footprint to net zero. Reduce your carbon footprint by embracing digital ways of working such as electronic job delivery to reduce trips to offices.

Field Service Engine

Field Service Engine - built on our WorkEngine platform - is the world's best 'build-your-own' work management platform. Here's the summary of how we help you achieve more.

  • Powerful tools that help manage jobs
  • Planning and scheduling including advanced optimisation
  • A Field Service CRM to manage customers and quotes
  • Track and manage your vehicles and assets
  • Compliance and H&S features built for field service teams
  • Seamless integration with your systems
  • Self-serve insight and analytics
  • A team that can build to your spec
  • Out of the box functionality that jump starts you
  • 24/7 anywhere working with web and mobile apps
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The WorkEngine Difference

WorkEngine is a Work Management platform like no other. It's a platform that makes it easy to build a solution around your organisation, that's in your language and entirely tailored to serve your goals.  Here's the difference:

1Your language

It's jarring when software presents itself using terms you don't use. With WorkEngine everything is in your language, and nothing feels alien.

2 Your data

Starting with a blank canvas, our platform allows you to store the exact data you need. It helps you build a data driven approach to the way your business works.

3 Your processes

The way your work progresses is unique to you - in fact it might even be your USP. WorkEngine allows your team to follow your processes right within the platform.

4 Your rules

Simple generic automation, like 'Email when work is done', or 'Warn me when in jeopardy' doesn't give special value. We allow you to automate the complex and the nuanced to really drive value.

5 Your systems

Your business has many systems that you rely on day-to-day. We design your solution so that it works in harmony with what you've already got.

6 Your insight

We don't dream up reports you 'might' want - we give you the power to gain self serve insight without the need for engineers or analysts.

7 Your spec

It's your solution - your requirements. We listen, take what you need and configure our platform to deliver your exact requirements. Without compromise.

8 Your partner

A Work Management Platform should be your partner - in it for the long run, and ready to adapt as your business changes. We invest heavily in your business, building a multi-year relationship with you.

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