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Planning & Scheduling

We've been optimising and scheduling work for over a decade, solving planning problems for a range of organisations. Whatever your industry, whatever your problem, our team of experts - blended with our incredible technology - are here to help.

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Your resource scheduling partner

We help organisations deliver exceptional service at the lowest possible operational cost. Regardless of size or industry sector, our scheduling solutions help businesses automate complex planning and scheduling problems. We blend the expertise of our scheduling team, with cutting-edge software and technology. Whether we're scheduling jobs to field workers, or pilots to shipping vessels - our team can turn their craft to any scheduling problem.

Increase productivity

Automating your planning and scheduling results in more efficient, optimal use of your resources. Our technology can consider millions of different solutions to a planning problem in mere seconds.

Protect your knowledge

Ever worried that all your business knowledge is in a few key people's heads? Bring this knowledge out into the daylight by systemising your rules using planning software.

Minimise cost

Our solutions help target and reduce those scenarios that generate additional cost - such as fuel usage, travel, overtime and more.

Completely built around you

We take a different approach to other businesses. We don't offer a 'one-size-fits-all' piece of software.  Instead, we offer a blended approach of optimisation experience from our experts, and cutting edge technology in our scheduling platform. We'll work with you to understand in detail the way you work, and design and implement a  solution using our planning and scheduling platform.  And don't worry - we deliver this at the same cost and in the same timeframe as those 'other' suppliers.

Planning Platform

We've built a Planning Platform that's ready for your scheduling problem. The platform is delivered as a SaaS solution, allowing your teams to manage and view schedules 24/7/365 from the comfort of their web browsers.

Top to bottom customisation

Our platform is modelled entirely around your problem and your business.  Your data model, your business rules, your constraints; we even customise the scheduling interface to match the way your team work.

Expertise on hand

Benefit from our optimisation experts - on hand to help suggest innovative new ways of scheduling and maximise the efficient utilisation of your resources.

Assistive, Dynamic Scheduling

Our solutions are built around the principle of working in conjunction with your planning teams. We call this 'assistive' planning. Whilst our solutions can operate in an entirely automated, dynamic way, many of our customers plan in assistive mode. Planners remain in control and can accept, reject or override planning suggestions made by our technology.

Quantify success

We intelligently translate the various mathematical scores arrived at for plans and schedules into meaningful KPIs in your business - empowering planners with the ability to make actual decisions based on metrics they understand.

Explain yourself

Our planning engine gives your team the confidence that the technology is applying your rules correctly and optimally, by providing 'explanation' reasons.  It's one of the key ways we help schedulers plan assistively.

Here's the techy bit...

We provide your business access to key optimisation technologies. Our unique modelling language allows us to describe the relationships and constraints in your business. A number of construction and local search heuristics approximate initial solutions and improve upon them. Constraint and graph programming methods are employed by the engine to determine possible solutions to problems.

Fully integrated planning + work management

Our planning and scheduling technology is built on top of WorkEngine - meaning you get rich access to all the features of the world's best 'build-your-own' work management platform. And if you're an existing WorkEngine customer, enhancing your solution with advanced optimisation and automated scheduling is easy.

Learn about WorkEngine

Connect your processes

Take advantage of WorkEngine to house both the planning and execution of work in one place, ensuring continuity of service delivery and reducing the number of systems your team use.

Planning Analytics

Benefit from WorkEngine's self-serve analytics to gain valuable insight into efficiency levels, planning performance and more.

Mobile Ready

Use data from worker mobile apps (such as WorkEngine Mobile) and our telematics devices to track real-time progress against your work schedule.

Your Industry

We thrive on solving interesting problems for our customers. We've designed and built advanced scheduling systems for the marine sector, resource optimisation solutions for the rail industry and even factory automation software. If you have a scheduling problem, we have the solution.

Schedule on-site and mobile teams

Generate optimal plans for your workforce from long term 'what-if' scenario planning, to short real-time planning. Your planners can take advantage of our unique ability to replan as deviations occur - whilst respecting and minimising disruption to existing communicated schedules.

Transportation & Distribution Optimisation

Our tech understands your resources, supply, demand and uses the latest optimisation algorithms to generate plans and schedules that are cost effective and maximise your business KPIs - so you can drive on time deliveries, every time.

Connect & optimise supply and demand

Our solutions enable controllers and planning teams to run powerful 'what-if' scenario plans to understand how changes in resource, supply or demand affect the long or short term schedule. Planners can relax constraints and rules to generate processes to deal with extraordinary circumstances, ensuring total preparation for any planning situation.

Optimise manufacturing to cut costs and deliver more

Model the most complex manufacturing processes - and automate the scheduling and planning of every aspect of production - our mathematical programming and optimisation algorithms sort through billions of possible solutions to deliver optimal schedules to your planning teams - in seconds, not days.

BigData scheduling with IoT

Planning tech is only as good as the data fed in to it - accurate, up to date data is key to making optimal scheduling decisions. IoT Devices can provide a host of data points used by our optimisation platform to provide schedules and plans that manage resources efficiently.

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