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Work Management Platform

We believe that Work Management Solutions should speak your language, model your business and work the way your business does. Whereas products ask you to mould your business to them, platforms work around your business. Here's how.

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A Revolutionary Platform

Software shouldn't force your business to change anything about the way it works. In fact - the way you work might be your very USP. But that's often what off-the-shelf products do - they enforce language and a set of features (and processes) on your business. This is why we built WorkEngine - a platform that gives you the power to build a software solution completely around your business.

Everything you need

WorkEngine gives you everything you need to build-your-own Work Management solution. From a data modelling layer that speaks your language, to automation, planning and scheduling features, our platform can supercharge your business.

WorkEngine Features

A Platform Process

With other software, you get some training and a user guide. With our platform, you get full access to our dedicated team that help your business design, build and deploy your solution.

How we work

No Delivery Compromise

Even more magical is that you get all the benefits of WorkEngine, delivered in the same timeframe and at the same cost as those 'off-the-shelf' products. It's a win-win.

The WorkEngine Difference

WorkEngine is a Work Management platform like no other. It's a platform that makes it easy to build a solution around your organisation, that's in your language and entirely tailored to serve your goals.  Here's the difference:

1Your language

It's jarring when software presents itself using terms you don't use. With WorkEngine everything is in your language, and nothing feels alien.

2 Your data

Starting with a blank canvas, our platform allows you to store the exact data you need. It helps you build a data driven approach to the way your business works.

3 Your processes

The way your work progresses is unique to you - in fact it might even be your USP. WorkEngine allows your team to follow your processes right within the platform.

4 Your rules

Simple generic automation, like 'Email when work is done', or 'Warn me when in jeopardy' doesn't give special value. We allow you to automate the complex and the nuanced to really drive value.

5 Your systems

Your business has many systems that you rely on day-to-day. We design your solution so that it works in harmony with what you've already got.

6 Your insight

We don't dream up reports you 'might' want - we give you the power to gain self serve insight without the need for engineers or analysts.

7 Your spec

It's your solution - your requirements. We listen, take what you need and configure our platform to deliver your exact requirements. Without compromise.

8 Your partner

A Work Management Platform should be your partner - in it for the long run, and ready to adapt as your business changes. We invest heavily in your business, building a multi-year relationship with you.

Build-your-own Work Management Platform

WorkEngine is the world's best 'build-your-own' work management platform. Here's the summary of how we help you achieve more.

  • Built around your business, your data model
  • Entirely in your language
  • Enacts your business processes
  • Designed and built to your spec
  • Powerful, limitless automation
  • Seamless integration with your systems
  • Self-serve insight and analytics
  • A team that can build to your spec
  • Out of the box functionality that jump starts you
  • 24/7 anywhere working with web and mobile apps
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