This is WorkEngine.

The platform that is as powerful and flexible as your business.

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Put what you know to work. Adjust the WorkEngine data model so that it’s accessible, usable, and just right for your business. By starting with a blank canvas you can truly build a work management system around your organisation, that continually serves your goals.

Shape data to your business

Tailor WorkEngine to your organisation’s unique structure and processes with custom objects. If you’re a manufacturing team, you can track orders. If you’re in automotive, store vehicles. We support any and all industries.

Your data

Store rich data against your objects, whilst ensuring security and compliance with advanced, robust access control features.

Your forms

Give users the ability to manage and create your data through forms that you design and control.

Plan work

WorkEngine provides you with the tools to intelligently plan and schedule work to your people, equipment and resources. Our planning tools can take you to the next level with automated resource optimisation and scheduling, baked right in to the WorkEngine platform.

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Drag and drop scheduling

Get started quickly and easily with WorkEngine's built in drag-and-drop scheduling tool, that allows you to schedule work against your resources.

Customise your interface

Adapt the scheduling user interface to completely match the way your planners and teams operate.

Go further with automation

Take advantage of assistive, dynamic scheduling technology to create automated plans that take the heavy lifting away from your team.


With WorkEngine, every member of your team can make decisions of the same level of quality as your best performers. Enhance the workflows your team go through to capture, schedule and complete work with smart workflows. Break work into logical tasks that actively support operators with branching logic based on data entered or other factors.

Design your workflows

Use WorkEngine's drag and drop workflow tools to design the stages and flow through your processes.

Control your process

Add guards and conditions that must be met to ensure that a process is followed according to the rules of your business.

Auto Pilot

Use automation to enact your processes, communicate with third parties - anything you can think of - without any manual user intervention.


How do organisations go about systemising their processes as they grow, to ensure consistency across teams and departments? Codifying processes means taking manual processes carried out by human operators - often in very different ways - into digital processes. Our platform includes our pioneering WorkEngine Scripting language that holds and codifies your processes in one place. The result is a system that can make best-practice decisions automatically and consistently with less dependence on key knowledge holders.

Write once, run anywhere

WorkEngine Scripts can be written by our engineering team, or managed by yours. Either way, the scripts only need to be written once and are run consistently no matter the environment of the operator

Developer friendly

WorkEngine's Scripting platform supports implementation time of days - not weeks, meaning your transformation project can be implemented quickly, in an iterative, agile manner with low risk. It's a key differentiator of our technology and means you'll be seeing results and improvements more quickly, and at a lower cost.

Endless possibilities

Our Scripting tech opens up an entire world of possibilities for your work management solution. It's implemented throughout our technology to run on web, mobile or even in the cloud.


Deliver lightning fast, self-serve reports and dashboards. WorkEngine empowers your entire team with data and analytics -  producing KPI analysis for your leadership team, efficiency and work statistics for senior managers and job completion stats for your customers. The self serve platform allows you to run and schedule reports on demand to gain further insight.

Customise everything

Tweak the formatting options of any report to make your data easier to read and customise dashboards to meet your needs.

Drill down and dig in

Break down trends in your reports to see underlying factors that drive performance. Drill down into summarised data to explore and investigate the underlying data.

Export your findings

Export to CSV and other formats to share your insights with other team members.

Mobile Ready

Your mobile-based employees deserve a mobility solution that provides them with everything they need, at all points of service delivery.  Our Mobile Apps provide staff with a simple to use interface for carrying out work, presenting all the information they need - even when offline. Our powerful Scripting, Triggers and Workflow features help guide workers to making informed decisions; in turn delivering superior customer service and operational efficiencies.

Native Mobile Apps

Our WorkEngine Mobile Apps - available for both iOS and Android - connect your mobile and field based workforce with your back office teams. Critical information is provided and captured by workers; whilst managers gain unprecedented real-time visibility.

Time & attendance

WorkEngine Mobile provide simple, fast time and attendance features that influence decisions made by scheduling technology and planners to drive efficiency.

Maintain compliance

Use WorkEngine Mobile to help maintain the health, safety and compliance of teams through things like Vehicle Safety Checks, H&S checks and more.


We play nice with other products, so you can integrate all of your systems in minutes, not months. Use a comprehensive set of APIs for near-limitless possibilities to extend and customise WorkEngine.

Batteries included

We can integrate with your systems, without the need a dedicated in house IT team.

If it ain't broke

Keep what works. We integrate with your existing systems so you can keep using them - preserving the benefits without compromise.

Integration Specialists

We don't do one size fits all solutions. Whether it's two way sync, pull based, push based or anything else, we build bespoke integrations that work for you.

Custom doesn't mean starting at zero

There are common things all organisations do and with WorkEngine you can leverage existing prebuilt functionality and tailor it to your organisation.  WorkEngine Add-Ons let you focus on the detail and benefit from the fundamentals. Here's a few:

Track Time, Manage Attendance

Provide accurate job costings and timings with built in time & attendance features. Help workers keep connected in real-time with shift management features both in the back office and when mobile.

Make compliance part of your workflow

Integrate customer sign off for finance, jobs and billing with electronic signing features that work to keep your organisation compliant.

Keep teams safe

Health and safety is of paramount importance for those teams working alone, or away from the office.  App Tracking is part of the WorkEngine mobile app and allows your workers to opt-in, whilst working, to share their location and status with you.

Plan work in real-time

Improve efficiency and increase the visibility of worker schedules with powerful planning tools. Automated, assistive and drag and drop scheduling tools help remove the mundane, complex parts of scheduling, allowing your teams to focus on what they do best.

Map anything

Help provide a 360 degree view of your organisation through mapping and GIS tools that help plot geographical areas, locations and more.

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