Simple, easy to use Mobile Workforce Management Software

Unity is our mobile workforce management software that helps organisations manage mobile resources, assets and plan and execute work.

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Manage Jobs

Design, create and schedule jobs to mobile workers using Unity. Our rich toolkit helps you design the logical process of completing a job (from back-office to handheld and then back-to-office).

Smart Workflows

Using simple point-and-click tools, design the steps that a mobile worker takes through a job.  At each step you can provide information to the worker and request more data from the field via rich data capture. goals.

Paper free working

Convert existing paper based form to digital equivalents benefiting from automatic PDF generation of your mobile forms.

Advanced features

Unity's forms provide advanced no-code features such as formulas, validations and branching logic to guide workers through mobile forms.

Plan & Dispatch

Use Unity's built in drag and drop planner to easily schedule work to mobile workers using the gantt style scheduler.

Easy Dispatching

Create your schedule for the day, curating your perfect allocation, before dispatching all planned jobs to your mobile team.

Skills filtering

Easily find the right person for the job by filtering your scheduler by worker skills.

Live Dashboard

View exactly where workers and jobs are using Google Mapping, helping allocate reactive works more quickly and optimally.

Mobile Field App

The Unity App gives your mobile workers the power to work remotely, remaining connected and visible at all times. Available for download for Android devices from the Google Play Store.

Complete work in the field

Dispatch and receive jobs on handheld in real-time, capturing field based data quickly and easily.

Full offline working

The Unity App for Android works entirely offline, meaning workers can continue to carry out jobs and record data even without a network signal.

Worker Tracking

Help maintain worker safety with built in lone-worker functions to promote safe working, and allow workers to share their location with the platform.

Asset Management

At Insiris, we understand the Asset.  Many businesses’ entire operations focus around the delivery, installation or maintenance of one or more assets.  That’s why Unity incorporates the latest in asset management technologies to deliver a solution that looks after your assets from delivery, right the way through to maintenance.

Asset DB

Unity provides an integrated database to manage your assets, providing the ability to record custom data and fields against your assets.

Case Management

Track issues and pending work against assets, with built in case management. Cases can be logged from the field, from the Unity App, or directly from the back office.

Manage asset lifecycles

Manage the asset lifecycle process from cradle to grave.  Recurring maintenance and service visits are simple to schedule using our software.

Real-time visibility

Unity's realtime visibility tools support back office teams – filtering out the unnecessary, automating the mundane and highlighting the exceptional.

Rule & Alerts Engine

Rule Engine employs custom business rules to automatically trigger actions when conditions are met. Like sending an SMS to a customer when a worker is en-route.

Vehicle Telematics

Benefit from integrated vehicle tracking and telematics to track and manage your remote assets in real-time.

Insights and Analytics

Built-in self-serve reporting and analytics tools allow you to generate reports and dashboards. Schedule and export your data in a variety of formats.

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