Build-your-own Work Management Solution

WorkEngine is a revolutionary platform that allows you to build-your-own work management solution. Our platform makes it easy to build a solution around your organisation, that's in your language and entirely tailored to serve your goals. Here's how WorkEngine makes it happen.

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Start with an idea

Great ideas fall flat without the means to communicate them. Leverage powerful language and design features that enable you to communicate your strategy and work process without constraint.

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Be authentic

Use your terms and language to convey your messaging. Ensure work is focused on organisational goals.

Completely customisable

Your language everywhere. From Menus to Forms to Analytics it feels like you.

Do better

Minimise training, reduce uncertainty, maintain consistency in how work is done.

Data = Understanding

Goals can only be achieved if measured. Our data design tools allow you to structure and refine the data collected by WorkEngine to ensure it contributes to your goals.

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Your data

Structure and capture what has value, is unique about you and relevant. Focus your work management system on organisational goals that matter - such as safety, performance and conformance.

For your goals

Enact goal setting and performance management from the boardroom and all the way down.

For your future

Save time and let existing data inform future work.

Trust in your processes

An organisation with a well designed set of processes produces better data collection and clearly understood outcomes. Processes foster continual improvement which is why WorkEngine offers rich support for them.

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See how it's done

Minimise errors, bottlenecks, and ensure consistent quality of work through the systemising and increased visibility of your processes.

Ensure it's done

Comply with legislative, internal and other key organisational expectations and make sure things aren't missed.

Do better

Evolve and continually improve processes to achieve the results you're trying to attain.

Understand, Improve & Apply

Analytics see the past, inform the present and help set the future. Our dynamic free form analytics allow you to ask and answer key questions. Understand what happened. Why did it happen? What is likely to happen? What should be done?

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Design Intuitively

Design questions and get results your way, in your language. Instant insight and understanding.

Explore and Understand

Explore data without the need to design upfront. Get to grips with your data to help get the best understanding.

Powerful visualisation & presentation

Aggregate, transform and visualise your results in innumerable ways with powerful charting and summarisation.

Magnify your efficiency

Automation can either accelerate or impede you.  We believe that automation should be assistive, much like an airline autopilot.  It should take away the mundane, help simplify the complex, and be a strategic tool for continuous improvement.

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Systemise out the negative

Reduce risks, stress and minimise costs by taking the emotion out of mundane or complicated decision making processes

Foster the positive

Assistive automated decision making anywhere. We help you make decisions on the web, when mobile and in the cloud.

Level up organisational intelligence

Consistently make better decisions, control work quality and compliance.

See the wood for the trees

Each person in your organisation has an important role, and we believe data should be accessible to all who need it. We make sure your users get to the right data, at the right time by helping build their view of your solution.

Allow your team to focus

The best technology is that which gets out of your way.  Profile based access makes sure that each individual role is designed from the ground up - allowing your team to react more quickly and focus on their task at hand.

Simplify and power up

Simplifying processes, procedures and technology helps organisations improve efficiency and reduce wasted time. Building a work management system around your team and its roles is key to achieving more.

Make data security a priority

Your data, and that of your customers, is critical, confidential and needs securing against threats. WorkEngine's security based model is built in at a foundational level, ensuring security is prioritised from the outset - ensuring your customers can place their trust in your business.

Remain data driven

More organisations are understanding the benefits from adopting a data driven approach to the way the work. Key to this is making sure data doesn't get lost in silos, ensuring you can turn to your valuable data to improve operations and foster growth. WorkEngine retains all your data, whilst ensuring security and best practice through simple, powerful access controls.

Your organisation, in one place

An organisation that can see everything from one place can make better decisions, more quickly. WorkEngine allows you to slice and dice your organisation into the units that make sense, while keeping you in control of the big picture.

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