Spring 16 Update

Spring 16 Update

News and Product Update for Spring 2016

June 2016

We usually like to keep our Blog updated with the latest mobile working news — more about the industry, less about us! But we couldn’t help but post some of the exciting features and enhancements our development team have been making to Unity in this quarter. The added features, tweaks and features described below will all be delivered to our fantastic customers, free of charge in the coming weeks. And if you’re not a customer, but like what you see (and why wouldn’t you?) then get in touch for a free demo!

Without further ado…

A new way to manage jobs

We have completely redesigned the main way customers can interact with jobs and work in Unity. Planning work and keeping on top of things is much easier thanks to some very forward thinking user interface tweaks we’ve made and some good old fashioned optimisation and speed ups.

We’ve added a number of tweaks to the jobs table too, to make our customers’ lives easier including:

  • Drag and drop columns to order them in the way that makes sense to you
  • Show and hide columns that you are interested in
  • Sort by any column — ascending or descending
  • Scroll through jobs using a fixed pane — this really makes things slick and means moving between pages is fast
  • Everything you change on the table is remembered so when you come back, it will look how you left it

We’ve also added fine grained searching, so you can now search for jobs specifically by Job ID, Customer or Job Name, Address, Assigned Worker. On top of that we’ve built a really smart time range control which allows you to easily choose the timerange of jobs you’re looking at (as well as including some defaults like Last Week, Next Month and Today)!

Finally, our unique Saved Searches feature is integrated into the jobs list — which means you can save your filter parameters and come back to them later.

Planning Work just got a whole lot easier

We don’t stand still here at Insiris. We were one of the first companies to develop a Web 2.0 Planning tool which allowed our customers to drag and drop jobs and plan work. We knew it could be better and we’re thrilled to launch our brand new Planner*!

* don’t worry — we’ll keep the existing Scheduler around for a while for those transitioning!

Our new Planner incorporates a completely redesigned user interface and has been engineered to be fast and even more easy and intuitive to use.

New Map Agenda View

Finally, a new view for managing jobs — the Map Agenda view. This is really handy for seeing where a worker’s jobs are for a particular day. We even show the direction of jobs on the map to indicate whether your job ordering is as efficient as it could be.

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