A complete work management platform for the construction sector, integrating field based teams, back office planning and remote asset telemetry

Construction organisations - whether on the supply (Quarrying, Cement Supply) or delivery end (Builders, Contractors) - face many challenges. Competitive margins necessitate operations that are executed with peak efficiency, whilst staying on the right side of compliance regulation.

Time is money and completing work on time depends on superior planning and scheduling of work. Whilst schedules and planning is of paramount importance, plans don't build things - people do. That's why our solutions for Construction provide a complete solution for planning, visualising and executing work that drive costs down, and efficiency up.

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Construction organisations must cope with a dizzying number of facets in the optimal planning and execution of work. Health & Safety is a major requirement - both on site and during transit. Regulation is only increasing and compliance breaches can be crippling. Keeping track of teams and managing your workforce is increasingly complex, especially when managing both direct and outsourced labour teams.

Gaining insight and data from vehicles, personnel and planning decisions - whilst ensuring customer satisfaction and capturing proof of services delivered is key to informing future decisions surrounding work and in turn driving further improvements and efficiency savings.

Our integrated offering provides a complete work management platform that adapts to your operational processes to reduce operating costs, enhance policy compliance and increase workforce productivity.

Bring it together to make it all better

Our Construction Field Service Management Software - delivered through a single platform - helps support day-to-day efficiencies and achieve long term productivity gains. We've integrated Work Management, Scheduling and Telematics to help Construction organisations reduce costs and drive operational efficiencies.

Field Engineers are supported by Mobile Apps, back office staff gain visibility through realtime data and planning teams benefit from dynamic scheduling and optimisation technology. Handheld technology incorporates health and safety processes to ensure compliance - from site checks to VOSA compliant Vehicle Checks. Integrated vehicle tracking ensures no gaps in job flow, providing a complete situational overview. Our telematics offering can further provide Asset utilisation monitoring to optimise resource allocation across sites. We integrate with your existing systems, presenting dynamic schedules to planning teams for real-time decision making. The result? An advanced Work Management Platform that transforms your operation, driving down costs whilst providing you with a competitive edge

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Securing thousands of assets, vehicles and fleet equipment through a customised, bespoke telematics & tracking solution

Securing thousands of assets, vehicles and fleet equipment through a customised, bespoke telematics & tracking solution

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