Enhancing the visibility of remote assets to reduce mean time to failure and reduce service calls for the UK's largest commercial CCTV monitoring company.

Helping solve the problem of delivering responsive reactive and intelligently planned proactive maintenance for the UK's premier Site Security provider

Camwatch manufacture and deploy security and monitoring products and solutions. Delivering services such as remote CCTV installation with Hydrogen powered remote camera systems, manned security guarding and more, the business knows how reliant its customers are that its equipment is reliable and operational. With hundreds of site deployments, Camwatch required a work and asset management solution that would keep its assets, deployed at customers' sites, serviced and operational.

​Managing Service Calls and reducing reactive maintenance

In 2015 Camwatch were using a number of disconnected pieces of software to help manage their customer deployed security services. A growing business and strong industry competition meant planning teams needed to be able to schedule and manage planned and reactive work for customers in a more efficient way. As newly developed products - such as Hydrogen cell powered CCTV towers - matured, service cycles were leading to increased demand on mobile engineering teams.

Developing a single platform to coordinate work

Camwatch had been using a home grown suite of 'off the shelf' pieces of software to help digitise portions of their operation. This curated toolbox of solutions was sufficient when dealing with lower job volumes and less personnel; however with growing demand and more field engineers the cracks were beginning to show. Connecting all areas of the business - from inbound service calls, to reactive work planning, to scheduled maintenance and field operations - was critical. We knew that our innovative technology would help drive responsiveness up, and costs down.

An integrated work management solution

We knew an integrated platform for the management and scheduling of work would help solve a number of Camwatch's problems. We worked with Camwatch's operations and planning teams to digitise all areas of the mobile operation, equipping mobile engineers with hand held technology. Visibility of the field operation was provided through the use of Mobile App Tracking - providing planners with a realtime connection to engineers. Our team helped develop and streamline work processes and order sequencing to increase the efficiency of work carried out in the field.

Securing business growth with a future proof WFM platform

Once our transformation plan was in place, we began rollout of the new back office and handheld technology. Our team were embedded into Camwatch's offices during a 2 week go-live period. Different workstreams were onboarded one at a time, to reduce risk and guarantee company-wide buy in. The operation is now entirely automated and digital with our technology helping with the intelligent management, dispatch and execution of work, providing the business with insightful analytics into areas of the operation that support their growth.

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