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A revolutionary platform for managing work across a growing partner network.

Evander is the UK’s leading provider of glazing and locksmith services for the insurance, home emergency, facilities management and property sectors. They provide 24-7 response and fulfilment services, ensuring buildings and locations are safe, secure and smart. Evander were looking for a technology supplier that would help with their growing network of partner businesses.

A custom-designed work management platform

In 2020, Evander were looking at technology to help support their growing partner network - organisations that helped Evander deliver their services across the whole of the UK. The organisation was under pressure to deliver a solution that would help coordinate work amongst partners.

Innovation first

Following an evaluation of a number of suppliers, WorkEngine was picked as the platform of choice upon which Evander would build its partner-focused work management solution.  We knew that the project contained a number of unique requirements - such as developing an access control mechanism that helped distribute work to dozens of suppliers. We were confident that WorkEngine would deliver a workable solution to both Evander and its partner users.

Building out the prototype

We worked in conjunction with Evander and nominated partners to design and build a solution that integrated with Evander's back office systems to deliver jobs to individual partners' web portals.  Partners were given tools to allocate and schedule reactive works to their best suited operatives - all whilst generating real-time metrics for Evander's senior management team.  Other tools were also developed to assist in network management - such as delivering functionality that allowed partners to upload regulatory information for compliance purposes.

A platform for future growth

We began rollout of the transformation suite over a number of months, rolling out on a partner by partner basis, gathering feedback as we went. The systems help provide enhanced visibility of work and improves communication between Evander and its partners. Centralised planning and operations members are able to see work orders across multiple locations, leading to opportunities to minimise costs. The platform is a unique innovation - a collaboration between Evander and Insiris that helps multiple stakeholders deliver work safely and securely.

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