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SH Goss

Helping transform one of the UK's most established Grounds Maintenance businesses through digital work management & integrated vehicle telematics.

"Since 2015, Insiris’s innovative work management platform has helped us to increase control, drive productivity and innovate with our customers – forming a significant part of our USP."


SH Goss and Co are grounds maintenance experts, offering a range of services across the UK. As a business SH Goss pride themselves on their ability to provide innovative and sustainable solutions to problems. SH Goss have pioneered Grounds Maintenance technology - and were looking for a technology partner that would supercharge their business and stay one step ahead in a highly competitive market.

​Delivering Intelligence through Software

Michael Sander is the Managing Director of SH Goss. In 2015 SH Goss knew that changes in the Facilities Management sector necessitated the implementation of technology to boost productivity and provide clients with an improved service. Demands from customers for proof of service delivery were putting administrative strains on back office teams. Manual processes meant generating reporting data and proof of works for customers was difficult. Furthermore, a lack of global visibility made reacting in realtime and making informed decisions, difficult. SH Goss' board tasked Mike with finding a solution

A Technology Guide

Mike evaluated a number of 'off the shelf' workforce management providers before choosing Insiris. We were chosen because of SH Goss' insistence that their processes be encapsulated in the software of their chosen supplier. Mike knew that SH Goss' USPs needed encapsulating and supporting in their Work Management tool - a requirement many 'off the shelf' applications couldn't provide. Moving from paper to an entirely digital solution had to be seamless - with no impact to customer service or workers. Having completed a number of work management digitisation projects we knew that our partner driven approach would solve SH Goss' problems.

Developing the transformation plan

Our team spent time at SH Goss' Head Office, working with the board, back office managers and field teams to develop a comprehensive technology plan. We helped Mike codify many of the manual working practices and processes for carrying out work in the field. These processes and best practices were baked into the technology solution - securing consistency across service delivery. We designed and proposed a customised telematics solution for SH Goss' vehicle estate, through Matix, to help provide proof of service and enhanced visibility for back office managers.

The Platform for Growth

We implemented the transformative suite of technology solutions over a 3 month period. We provided teams with handheld software that helped guide team members to best practice decisions through our WorkEngine scripting technology. Our hardware engineers deployed telematics units into the business' vehicles and equipment. Back office planners and managers now enjoy a 360 degree view of the business, helping make informed, optimal decisions, often under extreme pressure. Our WorkEngine Asset Management features continue to support SH Goss' development into new markets, such as Asset Maintenance, Inspection and Inventory Reconciliation.

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