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Logistics organisations have led the charge with technology solutions for the past decade. The advent of new technology is providing the ability to do even more with existing road, rail and freight logistics operations. Changing customer expectations are driving organisations with logistics operations to deliver more frequently, with the added constraints of delivering at reduced cost. Optimal planning in a low margin logistics operation is vitally important and can make all the difference to your bottom line.

Give your teams the visibility they need to plan & execute more efficiently, whilst understanding the impact of their changes on your KPIs.

Make the most of your time

The pressures on Logistics Operations - including freight, postal, delivery and trucking businesses - have never been higher. Rising staff costs and poor utilisation of resources - including staff and vehicles - may mean organisations struggle to remain profitable. Ensuring deliveries & cargo is delivered in as economical way as possible, whilst maintaining customer service levels is a fine balancing act.

Bring it together to make it all better

Compromise is not an option and having disconnected systems - tracking, scheduling and work management - can often put an end to any efficiency savings before you start. We set out to solve this problem and present a different solution - an integrated work management and planning system that helps your business deliver a cost-effective, responsive service.

We provide a single Work Management platform, built around you, to ensure your organisation maximises its efficiency. Our technology gives your teams total visibility of mobile operations. Field telematics technology gives real-time information on the location of field teams. Mobile Apps and in-asset technology keeps your workers connected to your back office dispatchers and planners.

Plan for tomorrow

This capability orbits the most essential part for logistics organisations - our intelligent, real-time scheduling and optimisation engine. This AI-Powered technology is built from the bottom up to support and plan for your organisation's specifications. Our algorithms work in real-time to deliver highly efficient, realistic schedules. We integrate with your existing systems, presenting dynamic schedules to planning teams for real-time decision making. Our advanced Work Management Platform can transform your operation, driving down costs whilst providing you with a competitive edge.

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"The team went above and beyond the original brief to deliver us a new automated marine rostering system.  The result is making a big impact on our business productivity."

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